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Parking fees at Wembley

Do you want to know if the selected day is an event day or not? Check the list of events further down this page or just check the prices for that day via the JustPark app!

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Autosvans and minibuses
Up to 2 hours = £2.00
2-3 hours = £3.00
3-4 hours = £4.00
Full day = £10.00
One night's accommodation (6pm-9am) = £10.00
Up to 2 hours = £2.50
2-3 hours = £3.50
3-4 hours = £4.50
More than 4 hours = £15.00


If you're looking for car parking near Wembley Stadium on event days, you've come to the right place. We offer special rates for stadiums and arenas in our Empire Way car park. We have 80 pre-booked parking spaces available on Wembley Day on a first come, first served basis. Parking at Wembley Stadium on the days of the event couldn't be easier, reserve your space and secure your spot, you can pull it offjust parkwith site code 162343.

Hourly rates are possible up to 2 hours before the start of the event, payment at the machine.

Öthe price for these days may be differentand it can be confirmed with the Just Park reservation method, but in general the prices are as follows:

On event days in the stadiumAn Arena-Eventtagen
There is a fixed daily charge of £35There is a fixed daily charge of £18

How to book and pay for parking in Wembley

You can pay for parking your carJust Park reservation systemand enter the code162343or Wembley Empire Way. You can also pay at the machines on site.If you wish to book your parking space in Wembley in advance, you can also do this using the RingGo online system.Our rates are cheaper than official car park rates in Wembley. Don't overpay for Wembley Central Car Park, use us!

Please note that this car park operates an ANPR system and Pay & Display customers must enter their correct registration numbers into the machines. If you have already pre-booked or paid for your Wembley parking spacejust parkreservation system, then this information will be loaded automatically. Any driver, taxi or vehicle attempting to enter the car park at any time to drop off or pick up people will be issued with a parking charge notice of £85.

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Wembley car park

The Empire Way car park is ideal for visitors wishing to park close to Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium, both of which are only a 2 minute walk from the car park. Empire Way, Wembley also offers convenient car parking at the London Designer Shopping Outlet (opposite), car parks at Wembley Park Tube Station, Wembley Stadium Station and the offices of Brent Borough Council.We offer 24 hour car parking at Wembley.

If you're looking to spend some shopping time at the London Designer Shopping Outlet, you've come to the right place! We offer parking at the London Designer Outlet and are located directly across the street - perfect for all your shopping bags!

Parkhaus des Londoner Designer Outlets

Now reopening for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Are you looking for an outlet car park in London?Londoner Designer-Outletat Wembley Park is opposite the car park. The Wembley Outlet Center offers deep discounts on a variety of designer brands, from Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger.You can also enjoy a drink or meal indoors again - enjoy a delicious meal anywhere from Las Iguanas to Wagamamas. There's something for the whole family at the London Designer Outlet - you'll find a 9-screen Cineworld and children's playground!

The popular Wembley Outlet Park is loved by people across the country and offers savings of 30-85% on designer brands all year round. Our car park on Wembley Empire Way provides the ideal parking space for London's designer shops and puts you right in the heart of the action. As well as visiting the London Designer Outlet, visit the surrounding area for a perfect day of shopping and exploring.

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Wembley Designer Outlet is a post-pandemic safe environment following government guidelines to protect its consumers.There are multiple indoor and outdoor dining areas and queues, one-way systems, hand sanitizer stations and social distancing markings on the floor. Check out our London Designer Outlet parking rates above.

24 hour car park near Wembley Stadium

Are you looking for a 24 hour car park near Wembley Stadium?Empire Way car park is ideal if you are looking for general overnight parking and 24 hour access in Wembley.

Overnight parking is chargeable between 18:00 and 18:00. m. and 9:00 a.m. m., and has a flat fee of £10. For overnight parking, press the yellow button on any of our machines and scroll down to the 'Overnight' option by following the on-screen instructions to buy the parking ticket. Overnight parking is very limited in the Wembley area; So if you want to leave your car overnight this is the perfect place.

Our Wembley location

The Green Parking Empire Way car park is located in the Wembley area of ​​Brent in north-west London.Wembley is famous for being the site of Wembley Station, home of the England national football team, and is the UK's largest capacity stadium.Whether you are looking for the SSE arena Wembley car park or Wembley Park Station car park, our Empire Way car park is the place for you.

Wembley Arena SSE car park

Whether you're looking for parking in Arena Park Shopping Center or somewhere near Wembley Arena, parking in our Empire Way car park is ideal. Wembley SSE Arena is London's most famous concert and events venue and is just a 2 minute walk from the car park.It offers some state of the art facilities including several bars and restaurants. The venue hosts events such as Disney On Ice, concerts by Giggs, The Jonas Brothers and Lewis Capaldi. Our Wembley Arena car park offers the best value for money in the area, other car parks near Wembley Arena offer higher rates. Use Green Parking for our convenient SSE Arena Wembley car park.

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Wembley Stadium car park

If you are looking for parking close to Wembley Arena, our Empire Way car park is the best option. We offer parking on the day of the event at Wembley Stadium at a cheaper rate than the official Wembley car park. Just 2 minutes from Empire Way, we are the best option if you are looking for a car park near Wembley Stadium! Wembley is a world famous stadium that is home to the England national football team. Major sporting events include the annual League Cup Final, FA Cup Final and the Community Shield.

The London Designer Outlet also has a number of places to eat and drink that you can visit on event days. We recommend booking in advance to secure your table at your chosen location.

Car park near Boxpark, Wembley

If you're looking for a car park near Boxpark, Wembley then you've come to the right place! Boxpark is a refurbished shipping container food and retail park, home to an impressive selection of 22 restaurants and 3 bars and our car park is only a 5 minute walk away. There's something for everyone, whether you're looking for tasty light bites, tower burgers, ice cream or Caribbean comfort-style dining, Box Park has you covered. That's not all, it also hosts numerous events, club nights and live sports exhibitions such as Euro 2020. You will also find an entire floor dedicated to gaming and entertainment, including virtual reality experience. .

Do you work at Wembley?

Looking for Wembley parking when you return to work? Our Empire Way car park is perfect for those returning to Wembley for work - we offer all day parking for just £10.00.We offer a contactless mobile payment system through RingGo, so you don't have to worry about contacting machines or people. We are close to many buildings and locations including the London Designer Outlet and many nearby shops and offices. We offer one of the best parking rates in the Wembley area.

Active Park Initiative

This Wembley car park is part of the Park Active initiative– a new concept with a focus on health and the environment, proposed by the British Parking Association. Rather than driving to their final destination, Park Active encourages visitors to park in one of our suburban lots and walk, bike or scooter the rest of the way. Discover the benefits by accessing ourenable ParkSide.

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All questions aboutinfo@green-parking.co.ukÖ01372 462156


Where is the best parking for Wembley Stadium? ›

If you're looking for parking near Wembley Arena, then our Empire Way car park is the best option.

Can you just turn up and park at Wembley Stadium? ›

Wembley has numerous great public transport connections, and we're trying really hard to keep our carbon footprint down. But if you have to come by car… Please only use official stadium car parks – but book early as they fill up. Street parking is a no-no – it's reserved for local residents.

How easy is it to park at Wembley Stadium? ›

On-street parking near to Wembley stadium is particularly difficult, with the stadium itself strongly advising against this as an option. The London borough of Brent is made up of a series of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs).

Where can I park for free at Wembley? ›

Situated close to Wembley Park Station and just off Wembley Park Drive, you can also park at the stadium retail car park on non-event days for up to 90 minutes for free.

How early should I arrive at Wembley Stadium? ›

Try to arrive at Wembley as early as possible to avoid the rush. Various events at Wembley will open the doors at different times, so check the timings for your show and plan to arrive around 60 to 90 minutes beforehand.

Do you have to pre book parking at Wembley Stadium? ›

Wembley event day parking rates

Wembley Park's official car parks are located just minutes from our iconic venues. It's best to book parking in advance on Wembley Stadium and OVO Arena Wembley event days, as car parks tend to be very busy.

How much does it cost to park at Wembley Arena? ›

Wembley Arena parking from £7/day | JustPark.

Do I need to bring ID to Wembley? ›

For ID purposes Team England say you need your passport or photocard driving license. If you don't have either then you can try your membership card. For every UEFA or FIFA tournament they say you need ID.

Do you have to pay emission charge in Wembley? ›

Do I need to pay to drive into Wembley, London? The Congestion Charge applies to most vehicles which drive into central London from Monday to Friday (7am to 6pm). ... Most vehicles need to meet certain emissions standards or drivers will be required to pay a daily charge.

Is Wembley Stadium pink or blue car park? ›

quadrants: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Wembley Park developer Quintain opted to give the new facility a memorable name, hence Pink Parking.

Is there street parking near Wembley Stadium? ›

During events at Wembley Stadium, all on-street parking in the Event Day Zone will be controlled from 8am until midnight (unless otherwise stated) and this will be shown on the road signs in the zone. The operational times of existing Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) will also be extended to this period.

Is there a park and ride for Wembley Stadium? ›

I have used the park and ride facility at Cannons Park station in the Edgeware area, so it is on the right side for your approach. It is in a decent area, CCTV, right next to the station, 24 hours and is only £3 on a Sunday. You can actually see the Wembley arch from the platform and is only a couple of stops away.


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