Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Weapon Perks - Top quests, tier lists and why you shouldn't just stick to crits (2023)


The purpose of this guide is to cover the most common weapon perks in Darktide in an effort to get people on the right track in evaluating their own gear. I'll start with general advice (TLDR) and then give some reasoning, with an explanation of the enemy armor type system (Unarmored, Flak, etc.) and how Crit and Weak Spot perks work, which newbies don't think players .

I won't cover the advantages here as they are very gun specific. A great benefit on one weapon (Blaze Away on an Auto Pistol) can be completely useless on another similar weapon (Blaze Away on a Heavy Stubber) for no apparent reason, so they must be bypassed on a weapon-by-weapon basis.

This was written with Damnation(+ condition) difficulty in mind, but if you're concerned with the lower difficulty, I don't think any prioritization will change significantly.

melee weapon

Here we'll assume a fairly basic general-purpose sheathed weapon, such as a battle axe, the Ogryn's Bull Butcher Cleaver, or most swords. Where this isn't quite the case (but still kind of) is with special weapons like the Thunder Hammer or Deimos Force Sword, which can play a bit differently.

"+ Armor Type / Enemy Group" refers to the ability "+X% Damage (Type)". Remember that the bonus against enemy groups like elites (6-10%) is much smaller than against armor types (15-25%). Since we often have to accept suboptimal perks, I'll give a rough prioritization to help you decide what to keep/revert.

Summary of TLDRs:

Awesome: + no armor, + anti-aircraft.

Not so good: +Elite, +Infested (*).

Even less exciting: +Gruner/Poxwalker (*), +Maniac.

Evil: +Specialist, +Indomitable.

You have to know what you're doing (explained later): +weak point damage, +crit chance, +crit damage.

Basic crap: +Carapace, +1 Stamina, Block Efficiency, Sprint Efficiency. *: If this weapon is your first choice. Otherwise, drag it down one line.

The vast majority of enemies that most players regularly fight in melee are unarmored or armored, with Infested and Maniac not far behind. Elite covers a large enough pool of enemies that even with its reduced rewards compared to armor-type perks, it can be a very solid perk.

The rest are enemies you mostly shoot (Crazy, Experienced, Untamed) or rarely appear on any map (Carapace), it doesn't matter. I'll describe the perks of judgment and weakness later, but I didn't leave them that far for no reason.

If you have to choose between Flak and Unarmored, for an easy answer, go to Psykanium and see if one of them will let you kill the Dreg and Scab enemies around you with a headshot. Alternatively, you can choose whether you're better at clearing hordes (Unarmored) or environmental/elite damage (Flak). Guns on my head, what better in general if someone doesn't want to do their homework? Probably anti-aircraft.

gun range

Again, we're assuming a "normal" ranged weapon, such as any automatic weapon, lasgun, stumper, or ripper. What you take out counters the gunner and kills the specialists. Weapons with different uses (like a flamethrower) or unusual properties (like a plasma pistol) break the mold a bit, but its core still works.

Summary of TLDRs:

Common Weapons:

The ultimate gold standard: +Flak, +Maniac.

Not so good: +Urusted*.

Less Exciting: +Untamed, +Specialist, +Elite

Depends, but not great: reload speed**

A Little Bad: +Tainted

You have to know what you're doing (explained later): +weak point damage, +crit chance, +crit damage.

Basic Junk: +Carapace, +Groaner/Poxwalker, +1 Stamina, Sprint Efficiency.

*: If you plan to target archer enemies a lot, this can be increased depending on your weapon/build - mostly for veterans.

**: This is hard to pin down across the board, but I can say that I wouldn't choose it over the relative damage boost in almost any situation. Discuss below.

Almost anything worth shooting is Flak, Unarmored, Maniac, Elite, Specialist and/or Undielding. Specialized and fixed weapons are greatly improved compared to melee weapons, as these types of shots are almost always more effective or more practical than melee weapons.

Because of how many high priority specialists there are of this type, Mad Men shows up and overshadows Unarmoured for the most part. Killing mutants, trappers and flamethrowers quickly is very important in the current hard play mode.

If you have to choose between Flak and Maniac, Flak can cover more enemies and Maniac can cover some more critical enemies, so if you don't have a combat solution against mutants and mainly use weapons to target Specials, go for Maniac, otherwise stick with Flak for a more general approach.

Back to reload speed. Best case is something like a Bolter that drains its magma quickly and reloads slowly (worst case is something like an Infantry Lasgun that takes a long time to drain and reload quickly), but think about what you're getting. worth it compared to taking one less shot to kill something. Plasma pistols are (extremely) slow to reload, but they also take a long time to empty their magazines and don't need to be reloaded for many encounters. Do you save more time (not even using ammo) killing something than saving 8.5%-10% reload time when you empty the last mag? Not so long ago.

Area Weapons (Clear, Flame, Trauma):

It's a little loose, but I feel like I have to include it.

The ultimate gold standard: +Flak.

Not so good: +Elite*, +Unarmored, +Crit Chance (Purgatus/Flamer** only).

Not very exciting: + infection

Slightly Bad: +Maniac, +Uyielding*, +Specialist, +Groaner/Poxwalker, +Crit Chance (other). Maximum reload speed.

Basic Junk: +Shield, +1 Stamina, Sprint Performance, +Weak Spot Damage, +Crit Damage *: Upgrades these ranks based on how Flamer currently interacts with Zealot Ultimates.

**: Critical hits apply two layers of burn.

***: See discussion above.

hostile type

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Weapon Perks - Top quests, tier lists and why you shouldn't just stick to crits (1)
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Weapon Perks - Top quests, tier lists and why you shouldn't just stick to crits (2)

So what happened to the enemy's armor type? If you go to Psykanium and hit something, it will show the armor type and damage number. Enemies can have different types of armor on different body parts, and direct attacks will deal damage based on the body part they hit.

Drag Bruiser (fight head melee guys) has Flak armored heads and unarmored bodies. +Flak damage increases your hits against them and +Unarmored Everything.

Area weapons (eg flamethrowers, trauma staffs) deal damage based on the enemy's base type, so Dreg Bruisers are considered armored in this regard.

For more details see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PtPcw4m4YtO_IcEkFlJJOBVWCYDEIECKJRYLT4SmLc0/htmlview# for a more technical breakdown and check out https://imgur.com/a/DqmYpVd for a visual /layout/ representation. Again, if you're not sure, a quick trip to Psykanium will clear up any confusion you might have about what was hit.

You should be familiar with the enemies that appear in the kill feed, but the environmental enemies and hordes of enemies are a bit confusing, so I made professional explanatory images for them:

The following types are mentioned:

Upansrede: Groaners (Horde), Dreg Stalkers (Shooters), Dreg Bruisers (Melee), Snipers (Special).

Flak: Scab Shooter* (Shooter), Scab Stalker* (Shooter), Scab Bruiser* (Melee), Dreg/Scab Shotgunners* (Elite), Dreg/Scab Gunners* (Elite), Scab Rager (Elite), Scab Mauler ( Elite), Scab Bomber (Special).

*: Partially unarmed.

You can tell why this type of armor is important.

Τρελός: Scab/Dreg Flamer (Special), Dreg Rager (Elite), Scab Trapper (Special), Mutant (Special).

The strength of Specialists in this class is why +Maniac is often preferred over wider +Specials if that's your concern.

Attacks: Poxwalkers (Horde), Poxbursters (Special), Pox Hounds (Special).

Indomitable: Bastion (Elite), Reaper** (Elite), all monsters.

**: Partial shield, chest is Flak.

Cover: Knuser.

Hey, what's the criticism! ?

Crits are attractive as a general dps passive upgrade, but several factors prevent them from actually being as good as they seem.

TLDR: You only have a +crit chance if your weapon has a lot of crit damage or activates something very important. Never take +crit damage. You only get +Weak Spot damage after doing the numbers yourself.

The first thing to consider is whether critical hits are good for your weapon. Just check the weapons in your inventory and submit an attack bug. For example, a laser weapon can do more than 3x damage on critical hits (rates vary by armor type). Sweet.

How about my Power Sword, with a sense of 80, it must be a monster! Yes No. About 1.5x critical damage. Rassa Tomahawk? Advanced weapons! Sorry, 1.35x. Antax Tomahawk without finesse feature: 1.3x.

These aren't even too bad, like Autopistol (1.14x), Cleaver 3 (1.15x) or Ripper 5 (1.06x!).

More on crit and weak point damage

As in Vermintide 2, scaling the Critical/WS Damage stat only scales the damage increase of the base damage - not the total damage of the Crit/WS attack.

So back to that power sword, if I put +10% crit damage on it, I'd increase the (armored) damage of the charged heavy crit from 534 to 551. 3% total - not 10% ad. If we add up the potential rift damage to 7 targets, it's even worse: 2.5%.

To make the basic math clearer (numbers are rounded):

Base Quay: 362

Impact Damage: 534

Difference: (534-362) = 172

Crit Damage Bonus Buff (172*0.1) = 17.2 extra damage. That's not much.

Weak point damage usually follows the weapon's Crit damage, but not always, so check that as well before starting any theoretical builds. What makes WS damage better than crits is that with any weapon that cares about WP hits, you can easily get higher WP hits than you've ever had (Despite Deadshot builds and torso hit priority weapons).

Certain ability/feat/bless interactions can also increase the value of these stats, like if you have an ax with Brutal Momentum and WS Damage that clears the environment or hordes of enemies with 1 hit breakpoints, it's not an armor type that is affected. allowing you to get through faster while increasing your damage across the board. While it doesn't immediately seem significant in terms of total damage, this can have a significant gameplay advantage. Likewise, if you're on Zealot and want more damage reduction uptime than +Crit Chance, Knife or Tac Ax is a valid choice.

As I said at the top, you can explore these perks, but you have to know what you're doing. Don't blindly choose them because they are familiar, pervasive and passive.

I want more shades!

This guide is meant to be general and has no problem presenting scenarios that might dictate your priorities that require a different approach.

A common dilemma with Perks is whether you should double down on your strengths or try to compensate for your weaknesses. My advice on how perks are designed is usually to focus first on what you actually do with a given weapon in a real game (you'll need to do some analysis and be honest about it) and then focus mostly on your strengths .

For example, increasing Bull Butcher Cleaver's shield damage by 25% will remove the break point. It even saves me 2-3 turns. But that's okay – it's still terrible against shield, there are still a few breakers on the map, and I probably won't be soloing melee.

"Breakpoints" - The first thing most players focus on are the pushpoints where you go from needing two hits to only needing one (for example) to kill an enemy. The breakpoint calculator is very useful for this: https://dt.wartide.net/calc/

However, note that not all interactions (mainly uncommons) apply, you can't use them to account for class abilities, so for each class you have to consider different external variables like Psyker Warp Charges , Vet Volley Fire and Weakness bonus, Zealot Martyrdom and Faith and Ogryn's tier 5 feat line. Psykanium helps and is often faster than trying to create a spreadsheet yourself with multiple overlapping functions. If you really want to get into it, consider using the Healthbars, Creature Spawner, and Debuff Indicator features to try things out.

See what triggers your other abilities. A headbutt from Brutal Momentum. 1 Hit Groaners or Poxwalkers for Slaughterer clover train - No one likes the tech for the Horde, but if you can kill these enemies with a kill or two, it will make a noticeable difference in the game. What do you need to shoot a specific enemy once or twice, with or without Volley Fire? Does clearing a decent breakpoint for a rare enemy outweigh total rift damage for hordes of enemies?

Going back to the Deimos Force Sword I mentioned earlier, the Psyker kit and the power of a Deimos headshot against weaker enemies actually allows you to focus on killing mutants and other special weapons instead of most weapons. priority.

It's a messy world and there aren't always clear answers, but hopefully this helps people draw their own conclusions.

other resources

I'll start by re-linking the above:

Enemy type: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PtPcw4m4YtO_IcEkFlJJOBVWCYDEIECKJRYLT4SmLc0/htmlview#

Enemy types visualized: https://imgur.com/a/DqmYpV1/layout/grid

Breakpoint Calculator: https://dt.wartide.net/calc/

Useful diffs: (I don't run them so links may not work)

Jsat's: https://discord.gg/xF7wvAjsHz

Kuroshio Criminals: https://discord.gg/chGN8fzxJT

Dark Tide Mod: https://discord.gg/GFyCGNpJb8

Gameslantern has a website to help you find buildables such as available blessings, live quest tables or more (see top banner): https://darktide.gameslantern.com/weapon-blessing-traits

Basic Critic for Classes and Weapons (at time of writing): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1044082128113127464/1050134453340602398/image.png

Explanation of Rending/Brittleness: https://dt.wartide.net/docs/attacks_and_rending

Jsat playlist with mechanical explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QlBkFN9RRw&list=PLIK-d7nI4NioiosXNF8-__gL2tzmh5quUj&index=2

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2976031655

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