Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Patch #4 Patch Notes Update (2023)

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Patch #4 has released a new update andpatch noteAs follows: The development team fixed some issues reported with previous changes in v.10.30 and made many more additions to the game. Without further ado, let's get started.

Warhammer 40.000: Darktide Patch #4 Patch Notes

New and updated features:

set of war equipment

War Gear sets are now customizable in Darktide!

save a war devicethe settings will be savedThe layout of your current equipment (weapons and curiosities), cosmetics and talents of your choice.

You can create up to 5 collections and customize the collection with icons in the user interface to define the purpose of the configuration or differentiate them.

Exchange of weapons

Armory Exchange now has the ability ("Brunt's Armory") to acquire specific weapons via Marks (Mk). It can be used after reaching the corresponding level to unlock melee and ranged weapons. Brunt's Armory features only the most common (Profane) weapons, each starting at a base price and going upplayer levelLike the price of weapons in other stores.

You can now preview cosmetic gear and weapon skins. You can choose to preview these items on the current character or on the holographic mannequin.

Sir Melk's needs

Thisdevelopment teamSome changes are being made to Sir Melke's weekly contract.

All contract quests have been rebalanced, reducing the objectives required to complete while increasing the number of Inquisition Bars they provide. The Bible and Grimoire side quests have been merged into one quest that will progress when you collect both items after completing the quest.

Additionally, contracts that required the completion of specific side objectives in specific missions have been removed.

Additionally, the franchise has removed the limit on how many times you can replay a given mission. The system will continue to reset jobs until you repost all available jobs, after which it will start picking again from the jobs that were put back. The summary cost required for each iteration will continue to increase.

New contracts available:

  • collect diamonds

    • Goals: 100/200/350, rewards 160/370/700 Ordo Bars.
  • Collect plastic steel

    • Goals: 250/400/750, Rewards 160/280/600 Ordo Bars.
  • Collect scriptures or grimoires

    • Target: April 8, 2016 Rewards Update 150/335/700 Ordo Bars.

Updated contract:

  • kill the monster

    • New Goal: 2/4/7 update rewards 160/370/700 Ordo Bars.
  • mission accomplished

    • New Goal: 5/8/12 Reward Update 120/310/590 Ordo Bars.
  • Complete the mission without the player dying

    • New Goal: 1/3/6 update rewards 120/280/580 Ordo Bars.
  • Kill the scum with melee combat

    • Goals: 500/750/1000 Update Rewards 100/230/530 Ordo Bars.
  • they kill scum from a distance

    • Goals: 500/750/1000 Update Rewards 100/230/530 Ordo Bars.
  • Kill Scab in melee

    • Goals: 500/750/1000 Update Rewards 100/230/530 Ordo Bars.
  • Kill scabies from a distance

    • Goals: 500/750/1000 Update Rewards 100/230/530 Ordo Bars.

Omnisioi temple

Adjusted the cost of actions at the shrine. Therefore, the running cost of the temple will be adjusted according to the level of the modified species. it does a lotChange is strongerAt a lower level as the game progresses. Fixed an issue where item scores would appear low in previews. This is just a visual error and does not actually lower the rating level.

Temple initiation has been adjusted in price and no longer requires diamonds to upgrade to Anointed (blue rarity). Combined with buying tokens directly from Brunt's Armory, this makes it much easier to level up and get the perks you need.

Be blessed

You can now extract advantages from weapons in your inventory, sacrificing the weapon in the process. After exporting the gift, you will gain permanent ability to use this gift on another weapon of the same brand. Earned blessings are shared among all characters on your account.

Quest Board - Warhammer Patch Notes

The board will see an increase in the number of tasks available. We are increasing them from 12 to 16 available missions.

Difficulty, maps, and condition/side quest balance have also been adjusted to accommodate increased usability. The timer for common tasks on the board has been reduced to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Rewards for side quests and conditions no longer have the same value and have now been adjusted. This means that side quests and conditions will award different amounts of XP and Dockets, and choosing a higher difficulty will also increase the total amount.

Modifiers for each side quest/function for each difficulty:

  • Collect Spellbooks:
    • +60% Tome * +25% XP.
  • Collect Scriptures:
    • +20% Tome * +40% XP.
  • Ventilation and cleaning:
    • +30% Tome * +20% XP.
  • Hunting ground:
    • +40% Tome * +30% XP.
  • Power outage:
    • +35% Tome* +25% XP.
  • High Resistance:
    • +45% Case File* +40% XP.
  • Low resistance:
    • Please keep the change.

Increased availability of crafting materials found in quests:

  • steel plastic
    • Rebellion from 195 to 205 Evil from 255 to 265 Heresy from 300 to 440* Curse from 395 to 805.
  • diamond
    • Rebellion from 30 to 40 Evil from 95 to 125 Heresy from 170 to 195* Curse from 295 to 300.

the emperor's gift

The emperor's gift will now be awarded after each successful mission.

Playing the game on a higher difficulty level increases your chances of getting more rare items.

Also conditions can affect the chances of increasing the rarity of gifted items.

they are reborn

Major upgrades have been made to our crafted item base (weapons and curiosities) and how they are distributed across different game sources.

Items dedicated (rarity upgrades) to the Temple of Omnissiah now have a higher chance of unlocking higher level perks and blessings.

The Armory Exchange requisition list will typically see items with level 1 and 2 perks/perks, while Sir Melk's requisition list will typically have items with level 3 and 4 perks/perks for level 30 characters.

Character Creation - Warhammer Patch Notes

Some visual updates have been applied to the character creation screen:

  • Class selection has received a UI update.
  • Updated many UI elements such as buttons and scroll indicators to be consistent with the rest of the game.
  • The camera now moves smoothly from one planet to another when selecting a home system.

social menu

The selected portrait frame will now appear on the user/character you see in the social menu.

Emotes - Warhammer Patch Notes

The ability to transfer your avatar has been added to the Mourningstar Hub. All players can now use emote slots to equip emotes. Holding down the [Jump] key opens an emote wheel where you can select an emote.Characters will receive the following emotes to equip:

  • Veteran, Psychologist, Zealot:
    • WaveThumbs UpNoSquatKneel.
  • I am going:
    • WaveThumbs Up Μπα ahSafety FirstKneel.

Quality of life

Added the ability to sort the list of items in your shop and your inventory by product type and rank.

heads up display

All weapon markers now have a unique HUD icon and will no longer share a single icon for the entire weapon style.

For example, you can now clearly see the difference between each staff in Psyker.

the garb of the brigadier general

Updated the UI when checking out item bundles to more clearly show how to purchase individual items in the bundle if you choose to do so. Previously, this step was in the inspection view of a single project.

Update the purchase confirmation step with more text showing the product or package you are purchasing.

Hunting Grounds - Warhammer Patch Notes

However, these are franchise rightshunting conditionsand wanted to try some variations. Basically, these types of modifiers will be more unique and less of a constant challenge throughout the mission. During the Hunting Ground mission, there will be some balanced and coordinated dog packs, with some love in the rhythm and general appearance. The Pox Hounds themselves received some attention, with a focus on fixing their movement issues, smoothing out ragdoll transitions, and sternly telling them not to attempt spontaneous space travel. This is a work in progress.

Fartshark hopes to test this in a limited capacity in the upcoming mission board rotation. Hopefully this makes it clear when this kicks in and makes for a fun experience that we'll get through or die screaming together.

weapon balance

As part of this update, the franchise has looked at the perks available for each weapon, tweaking and fixing them as we go. The goal is to find weaker options and fix incorrect interactions so you have a wider range of interesting options to choose from. Most of the changes involve Blessings buffs, as they were often mediocre in the old format and sometimes completely pointless.

Additionally, there are still plenty of combos to test and tweak, so please keep providing feedback and we'll keep each weapon's full blessing configuration as part of our future patch rotation. All changes to each weapon are listed along with some balance changes for fixes, buff adjustments, and mixups. Generally, franchises prepare to approach weapon balance with each pack rotation, focusing on one weapon mod at a time. you can see the whole thingBalancing patch notes on the Fatshark forum.

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