Titans Showrunner Shares Key DC Heroes & Villains He'll Use, Shares Why Some Characters Won't Return For Season 4 (2023)

Titans Showrunner Shares Key DC Heroes & Villains He'll Use, Shares Why Some Characters Won't Return For Season 4 (1)

Warning: SpoilersTitan"Forever Titans" Series Finale Leads!

super,TitanFans, we've reached the end. In January, the two parties announcedTitans and the Doom Patrol wraps up season four, and today the first ends with 'Forever Titan'. The series finale saw the titular heroes (inclTim Drake will play the new Robin even though he is not related to Batman) teamed up to defeat Blood Brother, Xinghuo finally fulfilled the prophecy of killing Blood Brother. Now their story is over,TitanShowrunner Greg Walker spoke with CinemaBlend about a specific DC hero and some of the villains he wanted to use and why certain characters didn't return for Season 4.

After my interview with Greg Walker on or about May 1stTitanseries finale, I've noticed that there are a few famous Teen Titans from the comics that never made it into the show, especially Roy Harper and Wally West, I wonder if he and the other writers had some major idea It once worked to not bring someone like that in it, and Walker highlighted Roy as a superhero he'd be interested in exploring.Titan,explain:

When I'm in the room, no. They probably hit it off and [writers] Rich, Jamie, Tom, Bryan, Mel, Prathi and Josh can tell you better because you'll never know what they said in that room when I wasn't there, except that we were planning to have for lunch. However, I think Roy Harper is definitely a character that we really want to see because we mention him, we say he's in our world. He's mentioned in both seasons 2 and 3. He's someone I want to explore.

Thanks to the 1978 DC Comics retcon, Roy Harper, then known as Speedy, was a founding member of the Teen Titans along with Wally West/Kid Flash, Dick Grayson/Robin, Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, and Garth/Aqualad. Roy was previously played by Colton Haynes in the Arrowverse, a character who briefly appeared alongside Arrow in Stargirl as part of the Victorious Seven, and as Greg Walker pointed out, thereTitanTwo seasons in between. So if the show had another season, it would bring Roy back to the movies, even though at that point in his life, Archer would probably be taken by Arsenal or the Red Arrows instead of Speedy.

Titans Showrunner Shares Key DC Heroes & Villains He'll Use, Shares Why Some Characters Won't Return For Season 4 (2)

Speaking of "what if" scenarios.TitanIn Season 5, I also asked Greg Walker if he and the other writers had discussed bringing in any specific villains, as well as villains from previous seasons, including Triangle, Deathstroke, and Scarecrow. The host of the show replied:

We just started talking about it. Terrible Five, we talked to Jeff Johns. Huge if we could find a way to make it VFX friendly. There was a discussion. We haven't locked down the bad guys yet. At the beginning of every season, identifying who the villains are is a big part of moving forward, and we're not there yet.

Although The Frightful Five never appearedTitanAs a complete group, some of its members appeared in the show individually, includingLisa Ambalavanar til Play Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.-Inspired JinxIn season 4, Michael Mosley played Dr. Light in season 2, and Dov Tiefenbach guest starred in season 2 as GizmoTitanSeason 3 premiere. As for Terra, she became famous for being a recruit to the Teen Titans and was eventually revealed to be a double agent working for Deathstroke. GivenTitanThe version of Slade Wilson dies at the end of Season 2,His zombified ego causes trouble in "Super Super Mart",It's hard to say whether Terra would be revived if introduced, or if the story would be adapted appropriately, but either way, her earth-manipulating abilities are sure to eat up a lot of the show's VFX dollars.

Finally, though there are a lot of familiar faces in itTitanSeason 4, including Curran WaltersJason Todd appears in the penultimate episode of Tim Drake TrainingThere are some major characters from previous seasons that we never see again in the final season, such as Conor Leslie's Donna Troy, Minka Kelly's Dwayne Granger, and Ian Glenn's Bruce Wayne. So I asked Greg Walker if there was any discussion about including any of these guys in the final season or if he was happy with where they left off. Answered:

Well, I mean, I've always wanted to bring them back, but there's one thing we've found out about the Titans that is definitely not for the better. If we strip down to a manageable number of characters, we can tell more meaningful stories, and I think season 4 (if there is one) is a testament to that. We were able to focus on character arcs in a way that lessened the struggles that day. We can't serve the characters without a major episode extension or in the case of our season extension. So it helped us focus on the character stories we needed to do, but it came at a cost because we couldn't get some other great people involved.

For those watching at home, Donna Troy was enlisted for Eye of the Sky. At the end of Season 3, Dwayne Granger left the Titans after the death of Hank Hall, and Bruce Wayne left Batman after killing the Joker. Given the way the Season 4 storyline played out, it makes sense why they won't appear in Season 4, especially since, as Walker mentioned,TitanIt finds its sweet spot when it's not focusing on a large number of characters. So while we now know how Dick, Cory, Rachel, Gar, Tim and Conner ended up, imagine what happened to your other faves after their last appearance.

in theTitanNow available to streamHBO Max abonnement.But don't worry, with the final episode of Doom Patrol coming to the streaming service at some point, there's plenty more to comeUpcoming DC TV ShowsWe look forward to the coming years as we continue to provide updates on their progress.

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Titans Showrunner Shares Key DC Heroes & Villains He'll Use, Shares Why Some Characters Won't Return For Season 4 (4)

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