The 21 best songs about the night and the night (2023)

There is something magical about the night, which makes it a fantastic inspiration for all art forms. Music is no exception, as evidenced by the many songs on the subject. Here are some of the most famous and popular songs of the night, along with some impressive details about each song.


  • Everything that keeps you up at night - John Lennon
  • Nat – Avicii
  • Stranger in the Night - Frank Sinatra
  • All day and all night - oddities
  • All Night (All Night) - Lionel Richie
  • Good Saturday Night - Elton John
  • Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry
  • Let's Get Through The Night - The Rolling Stones
  • Another Night - Maroon 5
  • Wear sunglasses at night - Corey Hart
  • Night Fever - Bee Gees
  • White Satin Night - Moody Blues
  • Last night I dreamed that someone loved me - The Smiths
  • AC/DC - rocking all night long
  • I Like Rainy Nights - Eddie Rabbit
  • Fest whole wets - Van Halen
  • Night Soul - Bruce Springsteen
  • (Previous Next) Saturday Night Heart - Tom Waits
  • Another Night - Phil Collins

December 1963 (Oh, What a Night) - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

The song talks about a nostalgic and romantic evening in memory of the protagonist. The song started with more suggestive lyrics, but he rewrote them somewhat to appease conservative radio stations. The Four Seasons became the only artist to have a hit single before, during and after the Beatles when the track reached No.1.

Everything that keeps you up at night - John Lennon

John Lennon has a refreshing message in this track. The message encourages the listener to do what makes them happy. Lennon bet that if the track won the number one spot, he would play it live at an Elton John concert. In fact, Lennon appeared in one of the last live performances before his death.

Nat – Avicii

This Avicii track is approxLiving in the moment.It's also an ode to the incredible singer's father - singer Nicholas "RAS" Furlong also wrote the song. Avicii's manager acquired the rights to the song, which led to a collaboration between the two musicians and the release of the song.

Stranger in the Night - Frank Sinatra

It's a romantic classic about two strangers who meet by chance and find romance. It was originally composed by Ivo Robic for the Croatian Music Festival. Frank Sinatra's version became his comeback song and brought him back to the top of the charts after 11 years. Since its release, the Sinatra version has been covered by many artists.

Admire:our choiceFrank Sinatra.

All day and all night - oddities

The Kinks sang a classic theme with this hit: wanting to be with your special someone all day and all night. After their first hit single, "You Really Got Me", the band had to release the song quickly, but the rush didn't hurt the lyrics or the sound of the song - it was released in several countries after its release. in the list. .

All Night (All Night) - Lionel Richie

In this song, Lionel Richie invites the listener to a fun party that lasts all night. Rich said he spent about two months writing the play because he couldn't figure out how to finish it. One day he got a sudden inspiration and completed the track.

Nocturnal - Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullets

The song is about a crucial and passionate meeting of a young couple, although the title is said to have multiple meanings. On a larger level, the song is about coming of age and being a teenager finding freedom. It was inspired by the film American Graffiti from the early 1960s.

Good Saturday Night - Elton John

Elton John wrote the song with frequent collaborator Bernie Taupin, who was inspired by the English dance clubs he frequented in his youth. John said his idea was to write a rock song influenced by British culture, a unique move for a singer-songwriter of the era who usually covered American culture in his repertoire.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry

Katy Perry once said,Friday themed pieceis an ode to wild party nights that bring fond memories to parties. It was inspired by a party Perry attended, albeit with some added fictional elements. It adds some fun to an album of deeper tracks.

Let's Get Through The Night - The Rolling Stones

The song is about a romantic evening between the protagonist and his beloved. Often played on the radio, the word "night" was dropped, and the Rolling Stones eventually sang "Let's Spend Some Time Together" at a later live performance.

Another Night - Maroon 5

Adam Levine sings about feeling guilty about being with your girlfriend when the relationship doesn't work out. In this case, "One More Night" appears to be on. The reggae-influenced track was one of the first for Maroon 5, who sought outside collaborations after becoming a pop powerhouse.

Wear sunglasses at night - Corey Hart

This quintessential 1980s pop song seems to be about a sunglasses-wearing protagonist who sees his lover behaving unfaithfully and lying to him. Despite its continued popularity, Corey Hart said he never tires of the song and still enjoys hearing it in public.

Night Fever - Bee Gees

The track was used in the film Saturday Night Fever, which the producers of the Bee Gees were working on. It spent eight weeks at No.1 in the US - more than any other song the year it was released, which was 1978. It's about the "night heat" of romantic interest and the power of mutual attraction.

White Satin Night - Moody Blues

While the song was written for an open performance, the theme that runs through it is one of infinite love. It is considered by many to be the most famous moody blues song.

Last night I dreamed that someone loved me - The Smiths

The song's simple lyrics describe what the title suggests - dreaming of having a romantic partner who loves you. David Bowie says it's his favorite Smiths song. The sound of the 1984-1985 miners' strike is included for two minutes at the beginning of the song.

AC/DC - rocking all night long

AC/DC sing about an exciting reunion with a loved one, comparing the experience to driving a fast car. Many sources consider the track's guitar solo to be one of the best of all time.

I Like Rainy Nights - Eddie Rabbit

Created to describe the calm feelings that a storm can evoke, "I Love Rainy Nights" became Eddie Rabbitt's most successful crossover song as a country artist. Rabbitt began writing the song in the 1960s, but did not complete it until the 1980s.

Fest whole wets - Van Halen

The track was originally titled "Dance, Lolita, Dance", which Van Halen felt did not represent their sound well. An unusually light song for the group, it's about asking an attractive love interest to dance.

Night Soul - Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen uses this song to tell the story of a night full of adventure and youthful energy. Manfred Mann's Earth Band covered it in 1977 and it reached the top 40 in the US.

(Previous Next) Saturday Night Heart - Tom Waits

The classic song tells the story of a young man going out on a Saturday night in search of "his heart", although the track is somewhat ambiguous. The original idea of ​​finding the heart existed long before the song or its melody.

Another Night - Phil Collins

The hero of the song asks his lover to give him one more night to prove how much he loves her. "One More Night" became Phil Collins' second number one single in the US. The lyrics mean optimism and not despair or sadness.

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