Roman Reigns presents WWE Superstar of the Year on Raw (2023)

The annual Slammy Awards were presented Monday on Raw. While most of it was just filler, the final award, Superstar of the Year, was given in particular surprise to Roman Reigns.

In recent years, the Slammy Awards have been voted on by fans. Generally, it's just a way for WWE to do different "best of" shows that remind fans of some of the biggest moments of the year. It's also a way for fans to show their appreciation for their favorite wrestlers by voting.


For the most part, fans will vote for any meaningful face in this category unless it's very clear that the heels will win (like Brock Lesnar's Shocker of the Year win over Endetek). However, one award that has had historical value in the past is this year's superstar. Wrestlers brag about it and it usually has some significance in the story. Thus, Roman Reigns' victories over other wrestlers such as Lesnar, John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins could be tied to the future of the company.

The win indicates one of two things.

(Video) Acknowledge Roman Reigns’ historic 1,000 day title reign

The fans may actually have voted for him. The rest of the night's votes seemed legit, although there were some surprises (like Chris Jericho winning moment of the year). This and more seem unlikely to be breached. So if this poll is legit, it shows that despite his injury, Reigns is a bit over in the WWE Universe and deserves a huge push when he returns.

Now, it's also possible that WWE rigged the voting. If they do, it's also notable as it suggests WWE is still ready to push Reigns over the moon when he returns. With a month and a half until the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns will be one of the favorites to win the title. Since he hasn't wrestled in two months, this could be WWE's way of trying to push him back.

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Whatever the truth, it looks like Reigns is going to get a really big push in his return. For WWE's sake, I hope the vote is legit and the crowd supports Roman Reigns' push. If WWE actually ignored those votes and gave them to Reigns regardless, the crowd would be quick to turn on him. After last year's Rumble fiasco, WWE didn't want another wrestler who couldn't win and moved on to main event WrestleMania.

The rest of the RAW:

** The final RAW before TLC (or was it Table, Ladder, Chair and Stairs?) Pay-per-view didn't do much to make the show until the last 15 minutes. John Cena confronted Big Show, Cena looked like he was going to win, Seth Rollins came out to attack and got a DQ. In this way, most of the wrestlers who participated in the major matches were promoted one by one. Dolph Ziegler comes out to help, only to get punched by Soo. He brought Erick Rowan, he brought Luke Harper, he brought Lebeck, he brought Kane. All eight wrestlers took turns doing finishing moves until Rollins finally hit Cena with a slam, and he and a few other heels teamed up to send Cena to the podium.

It was a good segment, but the match felt like an extension of Survivor Series. That's not a bad thing, but it doesn't really set any of these guys apart, and when you have some guys you might want to push a little more, like Ziggler or Rowan, it doesn't really do it for them. Stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, it damages the foundations of their game.

** Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler in the first match of the night after Mercury and Noble were distracted so Rollins could hit the Curb Stomp. I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the way Ziggler has been used since Survivor Series. He is the sole survivor of that match (Game of the Year winner) but still looks like an underdog in all his games and is overshadowed by so many. They really could have used this as a springboard for Ziggler, but they have failed so far.

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Later, Rollins ran into Paul Heyman backstage. Rollins said that if he wins at TLC, Cena will no longer have a chance at Brock Lesnar and maybe Rollins will take his place. Heyman admitted that he was impressed with Rollins and wanted Rollins to beat Cena.


** WWE released some ads for the NXT special "NXT Takeover: (R)Evolution". Like the September show, they have a match to highlight one of the wrestlers, in this case NXT Women's Champion Charlotte (daughter of Ric Flair). He faced Natalia. After a decent fight, Natalya ended up winning. After the match, they continued to mock the feud between Tyson and Natalia as Tyson celebrated in front of Natalia. While I can understand letting Natalya win in principle, it doesn't help that viewers who aren't familiar with NXT want to watch the show if their champion can't beat the main heroine. It makes NXT look weak, which is not what they should be going for right now. While it might not be a big deal as far as the audience is concerned, it's a pretty ridiculous booking.

** Bray Wyatt came out and cut a promo about why the rocking chair was so important to him, implying that it was Sister Abigail's. While it's kind of silly, at least it gives Bray a reason to really hate Dean Ambrose. In the middle of his promo, an ambulance appears and Dean Ambrose, who was loaded into the ambulance on SmackDown, comes out. Ambrose rushed into the ring and began taking Wyatt down with chairs and ladders. When Ambrose laid the table, Wyatt let go. While there is nothing special about the segment, it certainly does a good job of establishing their game.

(Video) Roman Reigns gets arrested: On this day in 2018

** Erick Rowan and Luke Harper had a short match that ended with Harper getting DQ for using a ladder. The feud continued after the match as Rowan began using the stairs to help attack Harper. I really don't like using this match here because even though it's not a match, the first match between these two should be important. We still haven't been given any reason why these two didn't meet and I feel like this is a missed opportunity for WWE. However, Rowan is still gaining popularity, which I would not have imagined when Rowan first turned a few weeks ago.

** Ryback and The Usos beat Kane, Miz and Mizdow. Mizdow continued his two-man gimmick - he had won the LOL Moment of the Year earlier, Miz accepted it, and Mizdow made his speech during the match - to great success, of course. I really hope they last as long as possible before these two break up because together they are golden right now.

**Coffee beats Stardust. The New Day will face the Dusts in a tag team match at TLC.

** AJ Lee (who won Diva of the Year) beat Summer Rae.


(Video) Superstars show support for Roman Reigns following his emotional announcement: Oct. 22, 2018

** Chris Jericho will host Raw next week.

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Who has held the title longer than Roman Reigns? ›

John Cena has the most reigns with 13. Nine men in history have held the championship for a continuous reign of one year (365 days) or more: Bruno Sammartino (who achieved the feat on two occasions), Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, John Cena, CM Punk, AJ Styles and Roman Reigns.

Who was the last person to pin Roman Reigns? ›

Baron Corbin is the last person to pin Roman Reigns, but that was back in 2019. Roman Reigns has not been pinned in over a thousand days and has spent nearly a thousand days as the WWE Universal Champion.

Who is Roman Reigns next match? ›

Roman Reigns Next Match: Rumoured Date for The Tribal Chief's Next Match Revealed. According to reports, Roman Reigns' next match might take place at the 'Night of Champions' PPV event for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The 2023 Night of Champions is all set to take place on May 27, 2023.

Is Roman Reigns the greatest wrestler of all time? ›

Roman Reigns is cementing himself as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. He has hit the one-year mark as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and has held the Universal Championship for more than 945 days now. Reigns hasn't been pinned since December 2019, and it seems it will stay that way for a while longer.

Who is the longest reigning universal champion in WWE history? ›

Acknowledge him, again. Roman Reigns is now the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in history at 504 days. He has now dethroned Brock Lesnar, whose longest reign with the championship was 503 days.

Which wrestler has the most title reigns? ›

Most total reigns
No.ChampionNo. of Reigns
1John Cena16
3Triple H14
Randy Orton
6Hulk Hogan12
4 more rows

Who is the best wrestler in the world? ›

The Rock

The Rock is considered the best professional wrestler in the world. Born in 1972, Dwayne Johnson started his wrestling career in the year 1996. The Rock has won the WWE title 8 times, and his real name is Dwayne Johnson. Rock's height is about 6 feet and 5 inches, and weight is about 118 kg.

Will Roman Reigns retire? ›

How long is Roman Reigns universal champion? ›

1001 days

Which wrestler is stronger than Roman Reigns? ›

Cesaro. Cesaro is the strongest wrestler in WWE. This has been proved time and time again. He's also got far more than just power in his arsenal and delivers every time in matches few can forget.

Who is the richest professional wrestler of all time? ›

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – US$800 million

Just like McMahon, he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather by getting into wrestling and spent 1996 to 2004 in the ring before he started making big money in films.

Who was Roman Reigns favorite wrestler? ›

The Tribal Chief acknowledges Bret Hart.

Who pinned Roman Reigns first? ›

Jey Uso was the very first person to pin Roman Reigns in WWE. It was during an 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match on the September 23, 2013, episode of Monday Night RAW. At the time, Reigns was still part of The Shield and was the first member to be eliminated.

How many fights has Roman Reigns won? ›

Roman Reigns
PromotionWin %Draw %
FCW54 (65.85%)2 (2.44%)
NXT14 (93.33%)0 (0.00%)
WWE720 (68.70%)34 (3.24%)
TOTAL788 (68.82%)36 (3.14%)

How many times have Roman Reigns been pinned? ›

The Tribal Chief has is not unbeaten in either singles or tag team clashes. Interestingly, he has not been pinned in them. He has either lost through DQ or has been the untagged partner during a tag team loss. Which means Roman Reigns is yet to be pinned since turning heel.

Why does Roman Reigns have 2 belts? ›

Indeed, you would have noticed him gracing the ring with two World Title belts, those being the Universal Championship and the WWE Championship. This came to be following his victory over then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38, after which he unified Lesnar's title with his Universal Championship.

What is the longest wrestling match in history? ›

The longest wrestling match in Olympic history was fought between Estonia's Martin Klein and Alfred Asikainen of Finland in the middleweight division at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. The bout lasted a staggering 11 hours and 40 minutes.

Who is the king of the ring now? ›

On the October 22 episode of SmackDown, The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) had a coronation to formally crown Woods for winning the 2021 King of the Ring tournament.

Is Roman Reigns the goat? ›

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been one of the biggest heels in pro wrestling since returning at SummerSlam 2020. According to John Cena, he is also the greatest ever to have stepped foot inside the ring.

Who is more powerful Roman or Brock? ›

Roman reighns is the future face of wwe and he might would defeat Brock lesnar because wwe full focus is to make roman reighns next john cena[face] who would help the company to reach to a higher level like john cena did in past. But the truth we all know that Brock is more powerful than him.

What is the future of Roman Reigns in WWE? ›

Undisputed WWE universal champion Roman Reigns has no plans to end his pro wrestling career any time soon. In an interview with Joe Reedy of the Associated Press ahead of his main event match against Cody Rhodes on Night 2 of WrestleMania 39 on Sunday, Reigns addressed his WWE future, saying: "I feel good.

Is Roman Reigns related to the rock? ›

The pair don't share the same blood, but they belong to the same famous wrestling Anoa'i family and refer to each other as cousins. The Rock's grandfather 'High Chief' Peter Maivia was blood brothers with Reigns and The Usos' grandfather Reverend Amituana'i Anoa'i.

When Roman Reigns will return in WWE? ›

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns will be returning to the WWE Television next week on the May 12th episode of SmackDown. This will be his first appearance on SmackDown after WrestleMania and is also the first episode of SmackDown with newly drafted superstars.

Who held the Tag Team Championship the longest? ›

Two tag teams have held the titles for 365 or more days: Demolition, whose first reign set the record at 478 days and The Valiant Brothers. Demolition is also the team with the longest combined reign at 698 days, while Mr. Fuji has the longest combined reign as an individual at 932 days.

Which USO is older? ›

Joshua Samuel Fatu (Josh) and Jonathan Solofa Fatu (Jon) were born in San Francisco, California on August 22, 1985 (Jonathan is the older twin by 9 minutes), the sons of Talisua Fuavai and professional wrestler Solofa Fatu Jr. The Fatu brothers are of Samoan descent.

How many days is the Usos tag team champions? ›

Five-time champions The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso); their fifth reign was the longest reign at 622 days, which is also the longest male tag team championship reign in WWE history, and they have the longest combined reign at 1,002 days.

Who can defeat Roman? ›

1. Cody Rhodes. The logical choice. Rhodes shockingly returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 and was immediately positioned as a major player, defeating Seth Rollins three straight times.

Who is the strongest man in WWE history? ›

Mark Henry
Ring name(s)Mark Henry Markswoggle
Billed height6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Billed weight360 lb (160 kg)
Billed fromSilsbee, Texas
9 more rows

Who will win between John Cena and Roman Reigns? ›

This was the final televised match of WWE in 2022.

Who is the most expensive wrestler? ›

The richest wrestler in the world in 2023 is none other than WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon currently has an estimated net worth of $1.6 Billion, making him the richest person in the Wrestling industry.

Who is richest actor in the world? ›

Who is the number one richest actor in the world? Currently, Jami Gertz is the richest actor in the world with a net worth of $3 billion.

How much is Roman Reigns salary? ›

Currently, Roman Reigns is working on a contract that pays him $5 million a year, and this is one of the highest-paying contracts in the company at the moment. Furthermore, it's possible that The Tribal Chief earns from merchandise and ticket sales as well.

Who is the best wrestler between Roman Reigns and John Cena? ›

Roman Reigns has arguably been the most notable and relevant superstar of the last decade. Not to mention, in the two times John Cena and Roman Reigns have competed one-on-one, Reigns has won both times. The first time came at No Mercy 2017 and the second at SummerSlam 2021 during Roman Reigns' run as The Tribal Chief.

Who is Brock Lesnar's best friend? ›

While they're currently enemies on TV after Lesnar's feuds with Roman Reigns, behind the scenes, Paul Heyman is one of Lesnar's best friends. For someone who is as private as Brock Lesnar is, that's a big deal.

Who is John Cena's favorite wrestler growing up? ›

Cena idolized Hulk Hogan growing up, moving to California in 1998 to begin training for a professional wrestling career the following year at Ultimate Pro Wrestling's (UPW) Ultimate University, operated by Rick Bassman.

How long will Roman Reigns keep the title? ›

While his opponent in Saudi Arabia is unknown, Roman Reigns is almost guaranteed to retain his title. However, after the match, The Head of the Table can do something nobody would expect. He should retire the Universal Championship, thus ending his reign at precisely 1,000 days.

How many world titles has Roman Reigns held? ›

Roman Reigns is a six-time world champion in WWE, having held the WWE Championship four times and the WWE Universal Championship twice. In 2022, he became the longest reigning Universal Champion with his ongoing reign at 946+ days.

How many title is Roman Reigns holding? ›

ChampionshipCurrent champion(s)Reign
WWE ChampionshipRoman Reigns4
Universal Championship2
Raw Women's ChampionshipAsuka3
United States ChampionshipAustin Theory2
1 more row

Has John Cena ever been a tag team champion? ›

In addition, Cena has also won the WWE United States Championship three times, and is a four-time Tag Team Champion, having held the World Tag Team Championship twice (once each with Shawn Michaels, and Batista), and the WWE Tag Team Championship twice (once each with David Otunga and The Miz).

Who is the longest reigning WWE Raw women's champion? ›

As of May 28, 2023, there have been 25 reigns between 11 champions. Charlotte Flair, then known simply as Charlotte, was the inaugural champion. She also has the most reigns at six. Bianca Belair's reign is the longest at 420 days, while Flair's fifth reign is the shortest at 22 hours.

Which of these superstars had the longest Intercontinental title reign? ›

In 2002, the WWF was renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and the championship was renamed accordingly. Following the 2023 WWE Draft, the title is currently exclusive to Raw. Overall, there have been 89 different Intercontinental Champions. Chris Jericho holds the record for the most reigns with nine.

Will Roman Reigns reach 1,000 days as champion? ›

In his 1,000 days as Universal Champion, Reigns has left a collection of wrecked Superstars in his wake. With the historic reign now reaching 1,000 days, there's only thing left to do - Acknowledge Him!

Did Roman Reigns lose his title to Cody Rhodes? ›

Roman Reigns Defeats Cody Rhodes, Retains WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania 39.

How much did Roman Reigns get paid for Wrestlemania? ›

WWE superstarsGuaranteed Purses (reported)Total Payouts
John Cena$2m$5m
Seth Rollins$1m$1.5m
Brock Lesnar$3m$5m
Roman Reigns$1.5m$3m
3 more rows
Apr 2, 2023

Who is the best wrestling player in the world? ›

The Rock is considered the best professional wrestler in the world. Born in 1972, Dwayne Johnson started his wrestling career in the year 1996.

Is The Rock related to Roman Reigns? ›

The pair don't share the same blood, but they belong to the same famous wrestling Anoa'i family and refer to each other as cousins. The Rock's grandfather 'High Chief' Peter Maivia was blood brothers with Reigns and The Usos' grandfather Reverend Amituana'i Anoa'i.

Who is WWE world heavyweight champion now? ›

Championship Holders over time
ChampionDate of Reign |Time Held
Seth "Freakin" RollinsMay 27, 2023 - Present1 day
2 days ago

How many world title reigns does the rock have? ›

A 10-time world champion, including the promotion's first of African-American descent, he is also a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a five-time Tag Team Champion, the 2000 Royal Rumble winner, and WWE's sixth Triple Crown champion.

How long did Hulk Hogan hold the title? ›

The Immortal Hulk Hogan held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship for 469 days.


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