Here are the 10 best subreddits to help you get your life in order. (2023)

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Since its inception in 2005, Reddit has grown into one of the web's preeminent resources for making the most of everything online. In fact, it's known far and wide as "the front page of the internet," and the title is apt. And when it comes to the realm of self-improvement, Reddit comes to the rescue again.

Almost 550 million unique visitors visit one of Reddit's websites every month.MillionSubreddits ranging from mild and normal like /r/news and /r/fitness to wild like /r/oldschoolcool and /r/earthporn to downright weird like /r/catsstandup or /r/slavs_squatting, in short, the The depth and breadth of Reddit is mind boggling.

For those embarking on a more specific self-improvement journey on Reddit, reference resources abound with literally thousands of subreddits dedicated to all aspects of self-improvement, including personal finance, education, and fitness.

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I could probably write a book trying to list them all, but who the hell has time for that? To help you get started, we've rounded up the 10 best self-improvement subreddits:

/r/personal improvement/

I'd be remiss if I didn't start the round with Reddit's dedicated self-improvement subreddit, /r/selfimprovement/.

I won't lie, this sub can be a little whiny. More often than not, it's a group of people asking questions about how they can improve and improve in one way or another. Finding meaning after the death of a significant other, e.g. B. stop pushing people away, improve socialization, etc.

It can be difficult to read at times, but there is a lot of great information for people of all ages, gender, professions and general backgrounds, and the best part is that self-promotion and spam are very frowned upon because the subheading is so engaging. be a valuable resource for people who just want to get better.

If you sometimes want something less annoying, check out /r/decidingtobebetter or /r/getmotive, both are great.


By definition, Zen is a term that focuses on finding complete focus, relaxation, and contentment in the present. /r/zenhabits is a self-improvement applet that focuses on concepts such as meditation, productivity, happiness, and other aspects of self-improvement.

You'll find incredible stories, articles, documentaries, and anecdotal posts focused on making people more "Zen" in their professional and personal lives. It's worth checking out.

/r/personal finance/

Whether you're a forward-thinking businessman fresh out of school looking for advice on how best to invest your first paycheck, or someone with bad credit looking to quickly climb the FICO totem pole, /r /personalfinance/ is an absolute gold mine for information on... well, personal finance.

The sub analyzes everything from auto financing to personal investments, financial planning, budgeting, credit card information, and really everything in between. It even categorizes topics by age group and area of ​​interest.

If you want to make your money right, start here.

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This is self-explanatory. /r/howtonotgiveafuck is a self-improvement subreddit devoted to the subtle art of simply giving less, with positive results.

It sounds selfish, but the idea is that people are better when they can be themselves. The posts here are incredibly useful and applicable to our daily lives, and recent posts include such gems as: "How to Have an Interesting Conversation with Someone When You Can't Come Up with an Idea", "Obsessed with a Girl: HTNGAF? " and more.

In other words, the purpose of this subreddit is to help people get to a point where they strive to do better because they stop fearing what might happen if something goes wrong.


Most of us need help with time management and productivity. Hell, even if you're in control and don't have any productivity issues, there are probably some tips and tricks you can get from this sub.

Front to back, top to bottom, /r/productivity/ literally makes the most of what you have and makes sure you get as much done as possible.

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Whether you're trying to optimize and prioritize the number of browser tabs open at once, grapple with your employer's lockdown hours, or organize (and execute!) a daily to-do list, this sub-tab has you covered . Everyone.


I find it funny that frugality is part of everyday life for some, but is almost a word for others. People also tend to think that frugality is a term used only in relation to money.

In reality, frugality is a concept that involves the allocation of resources, including money, of course, but also time, convenience, space, talent, and many other factors. Learning how and when to be frugal and what resources to be frugal with is a difficult learning process not only for the very young, but for people of all ages. I'm still learning, I don't like Mr. Moneybags McDoctorbigdick at the club every Friday thoughSo life is.

The best thing about this sub is that you will see threads for things you never considered such as: B. Reducing the cost of moving when changing blocks, how many staplers there aremany staplers, or the best venison you can cook on a budget. I thought I'd never need to know, but hey, now I do (spoiler alert: it's venison).

/r/fashion tips for men/ or /r/fashion tips for women/

Imagine having a free style guide in your pocket any time of the day. That's exactly what /r/malefashionadvice/ and /r/femalefashionadvice/ and more are.

Not only do you get the basics of clothing tips and advice on how clothes should fit and how to create clothes that work, you also get some really amazing information from knowledgeable people. At this moment there is oneHilohow to get cheap stuff from patagonia, one inwide boot sizeand one with oneTo updateon the Nike Killshot 2 is back on the J.Crew main page.

At /r/femalefashionadvice/ you'll find the same type of tips, tricks and advice, along with a general discussion and some interesting fashion-related opinion threads. If you want to put your ear to the ground somewhere useful, these two subs are great.


This is another great opportunity for people who just want to learn more about the wide variety of trash in the world around us. It's literally a subreddit dedicated to explaining a variety of interesting and difficult (and completely random) concepts that even kids can understand.

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Do you want to know why muscle knots form and how to get rid of them? What about the causes of all those screeching noises in all those rally car videos you watch on YouTube? How does the central auditory system interpret sounds from a biochemical perspective? And why do people have diarrhea when we're nervous?

These and other questions are answered by Redditors, most of whom are experts in their respective fields.


Everyone listen up... I love a Kung Fu Kenny text quote as much as anyone but you always have to be on the next level if you want to survive in this world and /r/quoteporn/ will fill your pool of people expand in a short time to quote

There's a lot of brilliant people out there who've said a lot of profound, motivational, inspirational shit, like Voltaire who said, "Of course the guy who's chasing a man is his brother because he doesn't agree, he's a monster." , or Osho, who said, "Creativity is the greatest rebellion there is."

Both quotes are taken directly from the subtitle. Get your ass out and apply.


There are literally hundreds of subreddits out there that will help you get in better shape. /r/fitness is great, as is /r/nutrition, /r/bodybuilding, /r/running, and many, many others. I included /r/loseit here because it truly is one of the most positive subreddits on Reddit.

Aside from the community being so wonderfully positive and supportive, there is so much happening for everyone: people posting updates and tips, diet and exercise advice, where to donate clothes that are undoubtedly no longer fitting, how to stop certain food cravings commands. and great recipes.

(Video) history of the entire world, i guess

If you're already fit and feel like /r/loseit isn't enough for you, /r/fitness and the others I mentioned above are great. But for those who are just starting out (or even for the first time), /r/loseit is great.

If you're wondering the best way to integrate Reddit Tips, read onWhy life goals are a waste of time and what you should do insteadFirst.


What are the top 10 subreddits? ›

That's really no surprise, but some of the other most talked-up shows for 2022 made the list, including Better Call Saul and Stranger Things.
  • r/kuwtk.
  • r/bettercallsaul.
  • r/rupaulsdragrace.
  • r/houseofthedragon.
  • r/strangerthings.
  • r/thebachelor.
  • r/dundermifflin.
  • r/bravorealhousewives.
Dec 8, 2022

What are the best subreddits for questions? ›


There are a plethora of questions-based subreddits over on Reddit but AskReddit is unarguably the best subreddit out of the lot. So, if you have a question you want an answer to, AskReddit is indeed the best place. It is a forum where people put forth a question to the community and get answers for.

What are the most positive subreddits? ›

The Best Good News Subreddits on Reddit:
  • r/UpliftingNews. r/UpliftingNews is one of the most well-known subreddits on all of Reddit — and with more than 17.9 million members, it's hands-down the largest positive news subreddit. ...
  • r/GoodNews. ...
  • r/UpliftingTrends. ...
  • r/HumansBeingBros. ...
  • r/MadeMeSmile. ...
  • r/PupliftingNews.
May 1, 2022

What are some dark subreddits? ›

11 Creepy Subreddits to Keep You Up at Night
  • 2 / 13. List slides. r/HumanoidEncounters. ...
  • 3 / 13. List slides. r/OldSchoolCreepy. ...
  • 4 / 13. List slides. r/LetsNotMeet. ...
  • 5 / 13. List slides. r/UnresolvedMysteries. ...
  • 6 / 13. List slides. r/ThreeKings. ...
  • 7 / 13. List slides. r/EvilBuildings. ...
  • 8 / 13. List slides. r/TheTruthIsHere. ...
  • 9 / 13. List slides.
Jun 26, 2022

How do I find interesting Subreddits? ›

If you're looking for your next favorite subreddit, here are seven tips to help you out.
  1. Check the "All" Feed. 2 Images. ...
  2. Browse Through the Popular Page. Another place to find subreddits is the Popular page. ...
  3. Check r/Newreddits. ...
  4. Use the General Search Function. ...
  5. Ask for Recommendations. ...
  6. Create a New Subreddit.
Aug 4, 2022

What is the number 1 Subreddit? ›

The 31 biggest subreddits (2022 update)
RankSubreddit name# of subscribers
27 more rows
May 4, 2022

What are some fun subreddits? ›

Have fun!
  • of 20. /r/AskReddit. ThoughtCo. ...
  • of 20. /r/HoldMyBeer. ThoughtCo. ...
  • of 20. /r/Blunder Years. ThoughtCo. ...
  • of 20. /r/Aww. Via reddit u/HopeSandoval. ...
  • of 20. /r/TodayILearned. ThoughtCo. ...
  • of 20. /r/Facepalm. Via reddit u/J-Mart11. ...
  • of 20. /r/CrappyDesign. ThoughtCo. ...
  • of 20. /r/TrippinThroughTime. Via reddit u/PrkwyDrv.
Jan 7, 2019

What are some of the weirdest subreddits? ›

Here's a few of the weirdest subreddits out there.
  • r/imsorryjon. What do you get when you mash up Garfield and cosmic horror? ...
  • r/longfurbies. How do you improve what's already perfect? ...
  • r/breadstapledtotrees. What are you looking at me for? ...
  • r/subredditsimulator. ...
  • r/desirepath. ...
  • r/farpeoplehate. ...
  • r/pocketsand. ...
  • r/Ooer.
Apr 1, 2022

What is the best Reddit post of all time? ›

The most popular post featured on Reddit was posted in the subreddit r/places with over 434 thousand upvotes. The post shows the full screenshot of the 2022's r/place April's Fool traditional collective artwork that Redditors created.

What were the first subreddits? ›

The first two subreddits to exist were /r/reddit and /r/NSFW. (Because of course NSFW.) Users were allowed to make their own subreddits beginning in 2008.

What does the R mean on Reddit? ›

r/: A prefix denoting a subreddit, taken from the site's URL.

What's the weirdest subreddit Reddit? ›

One of the weirdest subreddits by far is 'Bread Stapled to Trees', where members of the community basically vandalise trees by stapling slices of bread to them and taking photos of them.

How do I get a list of all subreddits? ›

Get a list of your subreddits
  1. First make sure you're logged in on reddit, on a desktop browser.
  2. Then visit
  3. Then put the following snippet in your browsers address bar, and press Enter . ...
  4. The reddit page is replaced with a list of all the subreddits you're subscribed to.

What is the darkest subreddit? ›

1. r/EYEBLECH!!! Uhm… Maybe we can say that EYEBLECH is the most popular Dark Subreddit, and for a better understanding, EYEBLECH subreddit came in the front when other subreddits like r/watchpeopledie or like r/gore were banned and deleted, then EYEBLECH started to become popular.

What is the most popular Reddit community? ›

What are the most popular subreddits?
SubredditNumber of subscribers
/r/AskReddit33.73 million
/r/gaming30.66 million
/r/aww29.43 million
/r/Music28.10 million
6 more rows
Oct 12, 2021

What are some private subreddits? ›

Karma based
  • /r/ultimateclub. /r/top. /r/centuryclub. ...
  • /r/Submitters. /r/SuperSubmitters.
  • /r/lounge. /r/reallounge. /r/MegaLounge. ...
  • /r/ModTalk. /r/DefaultMods. /r/mods50k.
  • /r/OneYearClub. /r/TwoYearClub. /r/ThreeYearClub. ...
  • /r/3ch. /r/5ch. /r/6ch. ...
  • /r/gryffindor. /r/hufflepuff. /r/ravenclaw. ...
  • /r/aleph. /r/allrounderclub. /r/apluschat.

What are the most controversial subreddits? ›

The largest of the banned subreddits, r/fatpeoplehate, had an estimated 151,000 subscribers at the time of its banning. r/fatpeoplehate hosted photos of overweight people (mostly women) for the purpose of mockery. The other four subreddits were r/hamplanethatred, r/neofag, r/transfags, and r/shitniggerssay.

What is the most Reddit karma someone has? ›

#1 Apostolate. The king. Apostolate claims to be a law student in New York. A redditor since January 2012, he has 1,374,900 comment karma.

What should you not do on Reddit? ›

Abide by community rules. Post authentic content into communities where you have a personal interest, and do not cheat or engage in content manipulation (including spamming, vote manipulation, ban evasion, or subscriber fraud) or otherwise interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities. Respect the privacy of others.

Do mods on Reddit get paid? ›

Moderators' work on Reddit and Facebook is crucial but not paid.

Does Reddit have Nsfw Livestreams? ›

The Reddit Content Policy applies to all content, including chats, on Reddit Live. Broadcasts on Reddit may not include NSFW (“Not Safe for Work”) content.

What is the most Downvoted post on Reddit ever? ›

The most-downvoted comment belongs to Electronic Arts, who racked up a score of -667,000 responding to a thread about its 2017 game, "Star Wars: Battlefront 2."

How many Subreddits exist? ›

Formerly known as “the front page of the internet”, Reddit is an online forum platform with over 130,000 sub-forums and communities. The platform allows registered users, called Redditors, to post content. Each post is open to the entire Reddit community to vote upon, either by down- or upvotes.

Is there no NSFW content on r all? ›

r/all: This is a less filtered feed of the most popular posts on Reddit. When you're on r/all, sexually explicit posts are filtered out but other popular Not Safe for Work (NSFW) posts are included. You can also filter communities you don't wish to see from r/all.

What does OC mean on Reddit? ›

This is short for 'Original Content' and indicates the content in a post was created by the person posting. OC. Short for Reddit's Ask Me Anything®, an AMA event is a Q&A interview that occurs between the author of a post (OP) and Reddit users who ask questions.

What does M4r mean Reddit? ›

M4r denotes your gender and preference. This is from Tag meanings are: M=Male, F=Female, T=Transgender, R=Redditor (anyone). 107.

What are the weirdest things on the internet? ›

Here's a selection of some of the weirdest things sold on the internet.
  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Roll. ...
  2. Finger Chopsticks. ...
  3. Haunted Items. ...
  4. A Dinosaur Taco Holder. ...
  5. Someone's Face on a Pillow. ...
  6. A Yodeling Pickle. ...
  7. A Squirrel Finger Puppet. ...
  8. Shower Head Speakers.
Sep 7, 2022

Is there a subreddit for everything? ›

A subreddit is a micro-community within Reddit and is based on a certain topic – and there's a subreddit for everything. Sure, you've got your usual topics covered with subreddits like: Crafts: r/SomethingIMade or r/Crafts.

What are some of the weirdest Subreddits? ›

Here's a few of the weirdest subreddits out there.
  • r/imsorryjon. What do you get when you mash up Garfield and cosmic horror? ...
  • r/longfurbies. How do you improve what's already perfect? ...
  • r/breadstapledtotrees. What are you looking at me for? ...
  • r/subredditsimulator. ...
  • r/desirepath. ...
  • r/farpeoplehate. ...
  • r/pocketsand. ...
  • r/Ooer.
Apr 1, 2022

What are the oldest Subreddits? ›

The very first subreddit was /r/nsfw. That was to get all the NSFW content off the main page. Technically at that point /r/ became a subreddit too, but it wasn't addressed that way until later. The next one was /r/programming, to get the programming content off the front page.

What does R mean in Reddit? ›

r/: A prefix denoting a subreddit, taken from the site's URL.

Is Reddit ok for 13 year olds? ›

Reddit is a social news site where users create and share content. Some of this content is only suitable for those 18+ and is marked as NSFW (not safe for work).


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