Guide: How to complete Arms Dealer Strike Grandmaster in Destiny 2 (2023)

The new Proving Grounds for Strikes may be out this week, but until you get your loot there, we're going to put a quick stop to the Arms Dealers Strike.

The arms dealer has been around since Destiny 2, and while it may be a familiar hit, it's still a challenging grandmaster. Here's a guide on how to do it from start to finish.

Nightfall: Trials - Demon's Lair


  • Scorched Earth - Enemies drop grenades more often.
  • Champions: Unstoppable - This mod contains Unstoppable Champions that cannot be stopped without the Unstoppable mod.
  • Champions: Barrier - This mode features Barrier Champions that cannot be stopped without the Anti-Barrier mode.
  • Chaff - Radar is disabled.
  • Fight Game - Enemy shields are extremely resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • device lock
  • Firefighting - If your fireteam falls into a restricted area, your team will return to orbit.
  • Limited Revives - Get extra revives by defeating champions.
  • Champions Mob - This mod contains additional Champions.
  • Zahn Strategy - Sun damage and incoming airborne damage increased.


If you want to overcome this strike the "legal" way you want:

1 Bottom Tree Void Hunter med Ominioculus Exotic Chest / 1 Mid Tree Arc Warlock med Geomag Stabilizer Exotic Boots / 1 Mid Tree Arc Titan med Meteor Exotic Brystplade.

Other possible combinations:

1x Bottom Tree Void Hunter med Ominioculus Strange Chest / 2x Mid Tree Arc Warlock med Geomag Stabilizer Strange Boots.

1x Bottomtree Voidhunter med Ominioculus Strange Chest/2x Midtree Arc Titan med Meteor Strange Chest Breastplate.

For this strike, you'll rely on your cover skills as you work with the champions to take them out quickly. Avoiding heavy fire from tanks and barricade masters will be essential.


Anarchy -Anarchy will be key here to ensure you can take out champions even while avoiding heavy fire. This will work wonders on tanks and threshers as well. I recommend using 1-2 per team.

Izanagi's Burden- This hit has a lot of champs in the barriers, so relying on Izanagi's quick knockdown champs will help.

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Eruption Perfect -Outbreak isn't really the "meta" of this strike, but if you're going with the cheese method and just want to have fun, 2-3 of them per team melts a league pretty quickly. Plus, if we all use Outbreak, we might just have the season of Siva we all want.

Your legendary weapon for this attack should be Void or Solar. There is no Arc Shield in this attack, so focusing on these two items will be very beneficial.

Armor and Weapon Mods:

Run for the best resultsBarricade Sniper Rifle and Unstoppable Pulse Rifle.I highly recommend making sure everyone on the team has an anti-barrier weapon as champions like to hide from this attack so they can regenerate health fairly quickly even if they aren't stopped.

Sun resistance, shock absorber and sniper resistanceit will come in handy, so make sure you have at least one or two of these mods in your armory.

Sniper Rifle Scavenger and ReserveIt is important to ensure you are on top of your ammo economy in this strike.


Spawning -

When you land, you'll immediately face an unstoppable champion and an obstacle champion. Pull the aggro from the unstoppable champion and separate him from the rest of the enemies to eliminate him quickly. Then take out the remaining enemies before engaging the Anti Barrier Champion so you can take him down quickly and safely.

shed -

The hangar looks like a barrage of incoming fire, but if you play it from behind, you'll be able to move through it easily and efficiently. The first thing you need to do is shoot the thresher in the sky. This vehicle will wipe out your entire team if you're not careful, so be sure to take it out of cover. Anarchy will be the trend here.

So watch out for the snipers that spawn from the area behind the map, they'll target you with lasers if you're not careful. Clear the yellow Slug Shooter line to advance to the next wave of enemies and the next unstoppable champion.

(Video) GRANDMASTER BOSS GUIDE | ARMS DEALER #destiny2 #grandmaster #lightfall

Collect the charge and release it before proceeding.

Loading Unloading -

It's best to clear the area before bringing the Charge so everyone on the team can shoot. Push up to release the beast, then focus all fire on the first barrier champion.

Take out all the sniper enemies you can find, then take out the second barrier champion from the safest corner you can find. Also watch out for the thresher flying around.

After the Dunk Charge, you'll have a few small groups of enemies to take down and an unstoppable champion from behind.

To go deeper——

Use explosive barrels to defeat the mini waves of Cabal to give you the advantage. Get out and get ready to run.

Once out, you will immediately run to the right side of the boat. This way you'll avoid all the Fallen and Cabal fights and put you directly in front of the only champion this division has to offer.

Remove this main barrier assembly from the cover and proceed to the next area.

Guide: How to complete Arms Dealer Strike Grandmaster in Destiny 2 (1)

Cabal Base Access -

Be aware of your surroundings before even pushing where you can see the tank. Stay as far away from the door as possible and shoot the Anarchy from cover until the tank goes out. Try to stagger your moves as a team so that if the tank shoots one of you, it doesn't disappear from the team.

Once the tank is eliminated, find the unstoppable enemy and take him down along with the other red bar enemies. Once the area is cleared, focus on the obstacle masters one at a time as a team. Use the cover of a docked ship to keep yourself safe during reloads as the barricade masters can shoot you.

Now call for an extra tank and move right back to where you entered. You'll be able to tank Anarchy if you level up, and once it's eliminated, your goal will be to pull an unstoppable champion into your area one at a time. It is in your best interest to take out the tanks before the unstoppable champions realize your position.

Pre - Brax Zane

(Video) Destiny 2 | The Arms Dealer Grandmaster Nightfall Guide | FAST & EASY to follow Guide

When the door opens, Bracus Zahn will be there to greet you. I ignored him and jumped straight into the hallway. There will be a few enemies to take down, but take them out and then take out the turrets before they move on.

noting:There is a bug where sometimes obstacle masters spawn here. In this case, melt it quickly.

When the tower is down, jump down to take down the unstoppable champion. Jump to the bridge, then take out the next wave of turrets while using cover to save your life.

Try to find one of the two Barrier champions where your entire team has good angles. Eliminate one as a group first, then quickly move on to the next. Congrats on beating the last champ on strike.

Clear out the remaining enemies, then pull the lever that will summon the Drop Pod. Watch out for the drops...

With the enemies cleared, it's time to face Bracus Zahn.

Bracus Tooth (juridisk) -

This is where the guide will split. If you have a highly skilled team and have already created the courses listed at the beginning of this guide, read here. If you are looking for the "clean" way to do this, skip to the next section.

Prepare to place the two Anarchy directly on Bracus Zahn as the elevator goes up. Once you do this, the Tether Hunter will continue to super on Bracus and the Warlock/Titan will use their super on Bracus. If you do it right, you should have a phasing Bracus, and if either is disabled, you may need to rapid fire him as he moves around the map.

Be sure to remove the turret when you find it to avoid any weird accidents.

Bracus tooth (east) -

As the elevator goes up, do your best to drop Brachus Zhan into the first resting spot on his health bar. Once this is done, he will jump onto a platform and summon a shield around him. If he's still sneaking you out of the tower, just knock him down until he summons the shield.

When this happens, a Thresher and more enemies will spawn. Quickly take down the thresher and clear out the remaining enemies before moving into position.

Have your hunters cover your entire team and use Ominioculus and they should be endlessly pulling their smoke and grenades. Throw your grenade under Bracus Zahn's platform to destroy him without summoning more enemies or worrying about mechs. It will take about five minutes to finish him off. You need Vortex Grenade on Hunter or Well and Sun Grenade on Sun Warlock to take advantage of this cheese. If you need a visual guide, check out the video below.

(Video) How To EASILY Complete The Arms Dealer! | Destiny 2

This is GMO ost

Omnioculus + Vortex Grenade = Ez Boss Kill

enjoy the

- Suttledge (@Suttledge)March 23, 2021

Possible exchange -

Shadow Honor (Adept) Arc Assault Rifle

Adept Mods - You can get any Adept Mod you didn't get before as well as the new "Big One Spec" which gives a 7-8% damage boost to enemies.

exotic equipment

Reinforced prism


Have questions or need help operating Strike? tell me in the comments or@Suttledge on Twitter.

Follow merichetc.Twitter Stay tuned to my content as I cover Destiny News, Guides and provide Carries and Help!

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Guide: How to complete Arms Dealer Strike Grandmaster in Destiny 2? ›

Without a doubt, The Insight Terminus is the easiest grandmaster in Season 19. The mechanics of this strike are so basic that most fireteams won't need to coordinate when and how to proceed with it. There is even an instance where champions can be skipped if a mechanic is done fast enough.

What is the easiest GM to solo? ›

Without a doubt, The Insight Terminus is the easiest grandmaster in Season 19. The mechanics of this strike are so basic that most fireteams won't need to coordinate when and how to proceed with it. There is even an instance where champions can be skipped if a mechanic is done fast enough.

What is the modifier for the arms dealer GM? ›

  • Scorched Earth: Enemies throw Grenades significantly more often.
  • Unstoppable Champions: Requires Unstoppable mod.
  • Barrier Champions: Requires Anti-Barrier mod.
  • Chaff: Radar is disabled.
  • Contest Mode.
  • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • Extra Shields.
Mar 26, 2021

What is the easiest Grandmaster Nightfall Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2: Season 19 Grandmaster Nightfalls Ranked From Easiest to Hardest
  • 1 The Insight Terminus. Without a doubt, The Insight Terminus is the easiest grandmaster in Season 19. ...
  • 2 Warden of Nothing. ...
  • 3 Birthplace of the Vile. ...
  • 4 The Scarlet Keep. ...
  • 5 The Glassway. ...
  • 6 The Corrupted.

How do I prepare for Grandmaster Nightfall? ›

This list will cover the basics of what you need to know to complete your first Grandmaster Nightfall with flying colors.
  1. 4 Slow Them Down With Blinding Grenades.
  2. 5 Equip Ammo Finder Armor Mods. ...
  3. 6 Match Game. ...
  4. 7 Slow & Steady. ...
  5. 8 Learn Champion Behavior & Placement. ...
  6. 9 Pay Attention To The Elemental Burn. ...
  7. 10 Use Minor Spec. ...
Feb 5, 2023

Can you solo Master Nightfalls? ›

Nightfall is a punishing experience with great rewards

Nightfall Strikes don't come with match making facilities so you're left to either find some friends (LFG is a great place to look) or take on the Nightfall SOLO. Attempting it SOLO is the ultimate challenge with one mistake costing your dearly.

What does 77 modifier mean? ›

Modifier 77 is used to indicate a procedure or service was repeated by another physician or other qualified healthcare professional. It indicates that a basic procedure or service had to be repeated.

Do I use modifier 95 or GT? ›

What is 95 Modifier? What is the difference between modifier GT and 95? Modifier 95 is like GT in use cases, but unlike GT there are limits to the codes that it can be appended. Modifier 95 was introduced in January 2017, and it is one of the newest additions to the telemedicine billing landscape.

What is the 74 modifier for? ›

Modifier -74 is used by the facility to indicate that a surgical or diagnostic procedure requiring anesthesia was terminated after the induction of anesthesia or after the procedure was started (e.g., incision made, intubation started, scope inserted) due to extenuating circumstances or circumstances that threatened ...

What is the best heavy weapon for Grandmaster Nightfall? ›

Pulse Rifles are going to be your best bet for taking out Unstoppable Champions in Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2, since the only other mod option this season is for shotguns. Like with Scout Rifles, it's best to try and match your primary weapon to the elemental burn.

What is the best weapon for nightfalls? ›

Best Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons
Uzume RR4Uzume RR4Sniper Rifle
The HotheadThe HotheadRocket Launcher
Horror's LeastHorror's LeastPulse Rifle
Silicon NeuromaSilicon NeuromaSniper Rifle
8 more rows
May 16, 2023

What power should I be for Grandmaster Nightfall? ›

Grandmaster Nightfalls are capped at 25 above your current Power Level, no matter what. This means that you only need to be 1815 to be at maximum effectiveness for the GM, a much lower requirement than before.

What is the hardest Grandmaster in Destiny 2? ›

Proving Grounds Grandmaster Nightfall is the hardest GM #destiny2 #destiny2clips #destiny2seasonofthechosen #destinytiktok.

How can I become a Grandmaster fast? ›

It is possible to become a grandmaster with dedication, drive, and thousands of hours of chess. Top chess players need to achieve two goals to become a grandmaster: earn a FIDE rating over 2500 and win a specific number of GM norms. A GM norm is a tournament against other titled chess players.

How to go Grandmaster easily? ›

You have to play for almost 6 to 7 hours and you have to increase your rank in every match and almost you have to booyah 7 to 8 times and you have to follow this rule for 2 to 3 weeks then only you could reach Grandmaster. How do I get Dragon AK permanent in Free Fire?

Do Grandmaster Nightfalls have time limits? ›

There is a time limit in Grandmaster Nightfalls, but it works similarly to the time limit in Legendary and Master Lost Sectors. That is, once the time limit expires, you can't revive anymore.

How hard is the corrupted GM? ›

Grandmaster Nightfalls are perhaps the most challenging endgame activity in Destiny 2. With an insane Power Level requirement and unforgiving modifiers, Grandmaster Nightfalls will challenge all but the top fireteams out there.

How many Grandmaster Nightfalls are there? ›

The catchup node

To complete the Conqueror Seal — and then to gild it in following seasons — you'll need to complete all six Grandmaster Nightfall strikes before the season ends.

Does light level matter in Grandmaster Nightfalls? ›

The minimum Light Level required to enter Season 17's Grandmaster Nightfalls is a Light Level of 1585, +15 to the max Pinnacle cap. Grandmasters are constantly capped at 30 Light Levels above you no matter how high you go, meaning that every enemy and every encounter will always be hard fought and hard-won.

Can you rejoin Grandmaster Nightfalls? ›

This process works in the following order: If a player dies during the Grandmaster run, they must quit the game entirely. After launching the game, players will now need to join via the option that asks "Rejoin Activity." Any fireteam member inside the Grandmaster run will need to stay alive during this time.

Can I leave and rejoin Master Nightfall? ›

If you are dead and in a hard to reach place and dont want to jeopardize your fire team just go back to orbit and rejoin the team you will come back in alive and ready to help once again!

What does ZZ modifier mean? ›

Modifiers in the WA through ZZ range, with the exception of YY (second opinion) and ZZ (third opinion), are reserved for local assignment. Modifiers Q, K, and G modifiers are reserved for CMS. The remainder of the alpha-numeric and numeric series is reserved for national modifiers and AMA modifiers, respectively.

What is modifier 99? ›

99 - Multiple Modifiers: Under certain circumstances two or more modifiers may be necessary to completely delineate a service. In such situations modifier 99 should be added to the basic procedure, and oth. The above description is abbreviated.

What is the Xu modifier? ›

● XU – “Unusual Non-Overlapping Service, the use of a service that is distinct because it does not overlap. usual components of the main service” Appropriate & Inappropriate Use of These Modifiers.

What is POS 10? ›

2. POS 10: Telehealth Provided in Patient's Home. Descriptor: The location where health services and health related services are provided.

Which modifier should go first? ›

In the case of more than one modifier, you code the “functional” modifier first, and the “informational” modifier second. The distinction between the two is simple: you always want to list the modifiers that most directly affect the reimbursement process first.

What is code 90791 used for? ›

When the patient goes for a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, report either 90791 (Psychiatric diagnosis evaluation) or 90792 (Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation with medical services). In the past, most payers would allow you to only report one unit of psychiatric diagnostic evaluation code per patient.

What is the 51 modifier for? ›

Modifier 51 Multiple Procedures indicates that multiple procedures were performed at the same session. It applies to: Different procedures performed at the same session. A single procedure performed multiple times at different sites.

How do you use modifier 81? ›

Facts. Use the "80" modifier when the assistant at surgery service was provided by a medical doctor (MD). Use the "81" modifier to identify minimum surgical assistant services, and is only submitted with surgery codes.

How do you use modifier 47? ›

Modifier code 47 represents anesthesia by the surgeon. The modifier should only be used to represent general anesthesia or a regional block. It should not be used to represent local anesthesia by the surgeon. Local anesthesia is included in the global fee for the surgery and should not be billed separately.

What is the best scout rifle for grandmasters? ›

Staccato-46 — Best Destiny 2 PVE Scout Rifles

Staccato-46 is your go-to. For lower-level content, Incandescent is a good time. For Grandmaster Nightfalls and the like, there's Explosive Payload or Adaptive Munitions. The only real issue with this weapon is that there's no reliable way to farm it.

What is the secret weapon in heavy weapon? ›

The Secret Weapon appears as a large spaceship that almost looks like a UFO. It schemes a gray color texture, with a bunch metal panes sticked onto it, with the red star icon in front of it. It also sports multiple windows for the cockpit, two arms that wield deadly laser blasters, and six thrusters to keep it upward.

Is Witherhoard good for GM? ›

Witherhoard deals a lot of damage over time against bosses, and it is an excellent choice for those add-heavy GMs like The Corrupted and Insight Terminus.

What weapons should I use on a Grandmaster Nightfall? ›

The two Exotics that are mandatory here are the Osteo Striga Kinetic SMG and the Necrotic Grip Exotic Gauntlet.
  • Osteo Striga (Image via Destiny 2)
  • Thread of Generation (Image via Destiny 2)
  • Necrotic Grip (Image via Destiny 2)
  • Starfire Protocol (Image via Destiny 2)
  • Fusion Grenades (Image via Destiny 2)
Apr 11, 2023

Are nightfalls better than strikes? ›

Nightfalls have higher score multipliers than your typical strike, as shown below: Vanguard Ops Playlist: x1. Nightfall (Hero): x1. Nightfall (Legend): x1.

What is the best pulse rifle in Destiny 2? ›

The 10 Best PVE Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2 (March 2023)
  1. Outbreak Perfected — Best Destiny 2 PVE Pulse Rifles. ...
  2. Disparity. ...
  3. Smite of Merain. ...
  4. BXR-55 Battler — Best Destiny 2 PVE Pulse Rifles. ...
  5. Insidious. ...
  6. Ogma PR6. ...
  7. Veles-X — Best Destiny 2 PVE Pulse Rifles. ...
  8. Syncopation-53.
Jan 18, 2023

What is the level cap for grandmaster? ›

Starting in Lightfall, the power level requirement for Grandmasters is being reduced by 25 levels to 1,580, Lightfall's powerful cap.

What GM is it this week? ›

The Grandmaster Nightfall this week is the Lake of Shadows and rewards THE SWARM(Adept) machine gun. As with most things in Destiny 2, Grandmaster Nightfalls are on a weekly rotation. For the sake of clarity, the week officially resets on Tuesdays at 9 AM PDT.

What is the light level cap for GM? ›

All Guardians start with 1600 Power Level, the Soft cap is 1750, the Powerful cap is 1800, and the Pinnacle cap, i.e, the Max Light Level, is 1810.

What is the most op class in Destiny 2? ›

Hunters. Unsurprisingly, Hunters are still the best class when it comes to PVP. Their mobility, Supers, abilities, and even Exotics all give them such a major advantage in the Crucible. This makes them quite difficult to kill, as they can be difficult to pin down in a fight.

Who is the strongest god in Destiny 2? ›

Xivu Arath is the youngest of the three siblings, but in terms of sheer physical strength, she is the strongest.

What's better than grandmaster? ›

World Champion. That is the only higher title.

Can you lose grandmaster title? ›

Grandmaster (GM) is a title awarded to chess players by the world chess organization FIDE. Apart from World Champion, Grandmaster is the highest title a chess player can attain. Once achieved, the title is held for life, though exceptionally the title has been revoked for cheating.

How long does grandmaster take? ›

The road to becoming a Grandmaster depends entirely on each player's personal journey to achieving the feat, but it is very likely that from the moment you learn chess to the moment you win the title, it will take at least 8-10 years – and very likely more.

How many hours is a grandmaster? ›

reaching master level performances in chess is to engage in at least 10 years or 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

How do grandmasters get so good? ›

One theory, known as the 'chunking theory', has shown that chess grandmasters recruit deliberative thinking and use their long-term memory to achieve success. These memories are accessed in large 'chunks', whereas an amateur relies on more recent memories to make sense of new information.

Who became a grandmaster the fastest? ›

Karjakin is the fastest person to get the Grand Master title. It has been known years ago.

What are the chances of becoming a grandmaster? ›

So this is it. The percent chance of becoming a GM is 0.0000197238658777%. To put that in a pie graph you pretty much just have one color. Bye.

What is a ZZ modifier? ›

Modifiers in the WA through ZZ range, with the exception of YY (second opinion) and ZZ (third opinion), are reserved for local assignment. Modifiers Q, K, and G modifiers are reserved for CMS. The remainder of the alpha-numeric and numeric series is reserved for national modifiers and AMA modifiers, respectively.

What does the GN modifier mean? ›

Modifier GN: Services delivered under an outpatient speech language pathology plan of care. Modifier GO: Services delivered under an outpatient occupational therapy plan of care. Modifier GP: Services delivered under an outpatient physical therapy plan of care.

What is a GR modifier? ›

The GR modifier is defined as: This service was performed in whole or in part by a physician resident at a VA Medical Center or Clinic, supervised in accordance with VA policy.

What are modifiers 76 and 77? ›

For these claims the following modifiers are used: Modifier 76: Repeat procedure by the same physician. Modifier 77: Repeat procedure by another physician.

What is the 25 modifier called? ›

Modifier 25 is used to identify a separate and significant identifiable Evaluation and Management (E/M) service when performed by the same physician or other qualified health care professional on the same day of a procedure or other service.

What does the two digit modifier 57 mean? ›

What You Need To Know. Modifier 57 is used to indicate an Evaluation and Management (E/M) service resulted in the initial decision to perform surgery either the day before a major surgery (90 day global) or the day of a major surgery.

What does modifier 57 do? ›

CPT modifier 57 may be used to report the decision for surgery for certain codes. This modifier may be used to indicate that an evaluation and management (E/M) service performed on the same day or the day before a major surgery (090 global days) by the surgeon resulted in the decision to perform the procedure.

What are GN Go and GP modifiers? ›

Modifiers GN, GO, and GP refer only to services provided under plans of care for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology services. They should never be used with codes that are not on the list of applicable therapy services.

What is modifier gy or gz? ›

Definitions of the GA, GY, and GZ Modifiers The modifiers are defined below: GA - Waiver of liability statement on file. GY - Item or service statutorily excluded or does not meet the definition of any Medicare benefit. GZ - Item or service expected to be denied as not reasonable and necessary.

What does KV modifier mean? ›

Modifier KV

Beneficiaries with Original Medicare who live in or travel to a competitive bidding area (CBA) and are prescribed off-the-shelf (OTS) back braces or knee braces must use a competitive bidding contract supplier unless an exception applies.

What is a GZ modifier? ›

GZ Modifier:

Item or Service Expected to Be Denied as Not Reasonable and Necessary. This modifier should be applied when an ABN may be required but was not obtained.

What does modifier GF mean? ›

Mod GF. Services rendered in a by a nurse practitioner (NP), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), certified registered nurse (CRN), or physician assistant (PA). If a claim is received and it has the GF modifier for CRN services, no Medicare payment should be made.

What does SG modifier mean? ›

Modifier SG is normally used to distinguish facility charges when billed on a HCFA/CMS-1500 form from professional charges.

What is modifier 80 used for? ›

Modifier 80 Assistant Surgeon – During certain operations, one physician assists another physician in performing a procedure. The physician who assists the operating surgeon would report the same surgical procedure as the operating surgeon.

What is modifier 56 used for? ›

CPT Modifier 56 Preoperative Management Only

When one physician performs the preoperative evaluation and care and another physician performs the surgical procedure, the preoperative component is identified by attaching modifier 56 to the surgical procedure code.

What does modifier 51 mean? ›

Modifier 51 Multiple Procedures indicates that multiple procedures were performed at the same session. It applies to: Different procedures performed at the same session. A single procedure performed multiple times at different sites. A single procedure performed multiple times at the same site.


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