Forget the plot, the characters are the reason to watch DC Titans (2023)

After four seasons with little fanfare, someconflictand the best super suit on screen,TitanIt is done. The end of the show was somewhat anticlimactic - plot-wise, it all ended with an intimate dinner between the group, where they said goodbye to each other and went their separate ways. in the real world I felt like not enough people were watching this show and giving it the love it deserves. We can't blame the audience.TitanFrom the beginning of its life in the DC Universe, a new platform available only in the United States, the series' transition to HBO Max has not gained much international traction for the same reason. butTitanIt's on streaming and hopefully that will be the legacy.

There are always signs that the show will struggle.TitanWrong way to start - remember the whole "F**k Batman" fiasco? It's in the first trailer, and anyone interested in the show and the characters it's based on can talk. Why do Dick Grayson, Robin, Wonder Boy and other favorite comic book superheroes curse and respect their mentors? super,TitanDo your best to explain and it will be better.

I'm excited for this series. I don't think I've ever been more excited about anything, let alone a TV show, but my excitement knows no bounds. Until I saw the premiere. "F**k Batman" is the least show of the series when I watch the writers turn Dick Grayson (Brendon Thwaites) from charming hero to... crazy existential problems. They ignore two roles played by actors of color, Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan/Beastie Boys and Anna Diop as Corey Anders/Starfire, in the child role of Rachel Ross/Raven (Teagan Croft) followed by this horrendously dangerous threat and attempt at sex. The second episode was even worse when Dick tracked down the woman closest to him, Dawn Granger / Dove (Minka Kelly), and tries to dump Rachel on her, even though Rachel is Dick's responsibility. first three sectionsTitanSeason 1 was dark, bleak, cliche and lacked any desireTitancomics. tailgate pilotdoom patrolIt seems to muddy the waters even more in episode four.

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My heart sinks and I hope to see this highly anticipated adaptation fall apart with each passing episode, but hope is on the horizon. The fifth episode, "Together", brings the four main characters together and the tone completely changes after that. While the first few episodes were disjointed and unnecessarily edgy, the rest of the season embodies cohesion and levity as Dick, Cory, Rachel, and Gar bond together.TitanDespite sticking to a generally dark and brooding tone, it slowly returns to being fun and entertaining. It's not perfect, but the show has come a long way, especially in terms of representation, and I'm afraid we won't be seeing enough of that in the superhero landscape for a while.

Each season features many characters, heroes and villains from the comics. The purpose of the first season was to prevent the arrival of Rachel's father, the interdimensional demon Trigon. Season two pits the team against original adversary Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Esai Morales). Season three takes the team to Gotham where they battle Jason Todd/Red Hood (Kieran Walters) and Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Vincent Kartheiser). Last season was about the Church of Blood, an offshoot of the organization trying to bring Trigon back. Each season has shown character development and writing - in fact, season four is the most cohesive of the series, which makesTitanThe cancellation was even more tragic.

What the writers have done well is largely avoid repeating familiar comic book plots, giving the show a refreshing feel. However, they cannot bypass the most famous (infamous?)teen titanarc, "The Judas Covenant," but they deftly weaved the beats of the source material into the second season's story by swapping Gar Logan's main victim for Jason Todd. Unlike the comics, where the adult Slade Wilson sleeps with the underage Tara Markov/Tyra, there is no pedophilia in the show's storyline. Although Gar was rejected and Jason stole the season.

The series didn't really shine until season three, thanks in large part to the creators delaying Dick's transition from Robin to Nightwing. Since Dick is much older in the series than his comic book counterpart, they had to come up with a better excuse for Dick to become Nightwing than "Daddy doesn't love me, he found a new son" This is the predicament they came up with credits figure when Bruce Wayne/Batman was off limits in season one. I will never fully understand why Warner Bros. they wanted to limit their productions by banning certain characters, but I guess they had to make those decisions, otherwise we'd have 1,000 Batman series and movies like we did in the comics, while the rest of the DC Comics pantheon was ignored.

But the thing is, Bruce Wayne is the reason Dick Grayson exists. Dick is his adopted son, his partner, his son. Their relationship is the key to who Dick is. Without this underlying context,TitanI'm trying to figure out what makes Dick stand out. They end up going against what Batman stands for - although we never see it, Dick thinks Batman is a killer, which makes Robin a killer. Dick hated Bruce as his father's child. The first season was an overblown mess of Dick being played as a person when the show didn't understand what Bruce and Dick were in the comics and why people liked (and still like) the Dynamic Duo. They don't hate each other, they love each other, but they are also two very different people brought together under harsh circumstances, so of course they hate each other.

Once Bruce Wayne is on the show, Dick's animosity towards him makes even less sense. In season two, Iain Glen took on the role of Gotham's richest man, and his portrayal of the role was nothing short of a screaming, murderous psychopath. Glenn's Bruce Wayne is a well-dressed gentleman, a veteran James Bond, whose love for Dick and later Jason cannot be hidden. Despite watching Dick hate Bruce all season, the two hit it off quickly the moment Bruce came into the limelight, because when you cast someone who looks like a doting grandfather, what else can you do?

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I grew up on Dick Grayson – I was introduced to it through the newest iteration of Burt Ward. Later, I was drawn to the revolutionary appeal of Chris O'Donnell's version of Joel Schumacher's film. I followed Dick's exploits in the manga series. see the bird back on reality show yesTitan’ was the biggest attraction for me. Casting Brenton Thwaites made sense to me as he was a safe bet. relaxed and handsome, perfect actor to play Dick. And when given the chance, he smiles a triumphant smile and exudes Dick's comic glee. We first saw the cheerful cartoon character in the season 1 episode "Donna Troy", when Dick went on a mission with his old teammate, the former Wonder Woman (Conor Leslie). We've seen bits of the happy bird all season, but not enough. Mostly, though, Dick has battled his inner demons and often his teammates.

I was hoping, but not expecting, that the contestants would get someone Romani in origin, since most people like to ignore that aspect of comics history. up toTitanIn season four, in "Game Over," the show deals with his legacy. When talking to the mystic, Dick almost reluctantly delivered a line of dialogue in his native language, and that was that. But at least the show is finally acknowledging that part of Dick's story. For some reason, the showrunners think Dick is a terrible leader - or rather, his ex-girlfriend, Dawn Granger, tells us he is a terrible leader. Except for some bad decisions in the early episodesTitan(Since he was a hero), Dick doesn't come off as a bad leader and it's the writing's fault. Dick's perceived lack of leadership has caused many conflicts in the Titans, sometimes unnecessarily, and has also affected Dick's character. He's not like his character in the comics, especially in the first two seasons, which is disappointing. With Dawn and her constant judgment of Dick's leadership outside of the team, we can feel the weight off Dick's shoulders and the team will definitely stick together better because Dick isn't second-guessing himself. The interactions between Dick and Dawn don't do it justice - and as Dick thrives after Dick's departure, you can't help but wonder if Dawn was written to stand in the way of his greatness.

Another missing aspect is that Dick is known in the comics for his agility and stunts. Dick grew up in the circus as a member of the Flying Graysons and his comic raison d'être is his gymnastic skills. but Thwaites andTitanThe stunt team uses almost none of the energetic athletic movements that are so essential to portraying Dick.Titan, actually tried to stay as far away from action scenes as possible. Thwaites rarely wears the Nightwing costume in season four.

After a rough, unnecessarily violent start,TitanHe's showing his true colors. this is a show that wants to subvert our expectations. The series added Dawn Granger and Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) to the cast, and their initial introductions to the show appeared to be part of a love triangle - with Dick being another man who interfered in the pair's romance. But in "Hank & Dawn" we see another side of these characters, where Hank was abused by his gym coach as a child and the two characters grieve the loss together. This episode focuses on the emotional turmoil of the characters and establishes why Hank and Dawn are no longer on good terms but still together. The show continued to reverse the troops in its second season, with Hank as the man who happily hangs up his cape to do his duty, while Dawn sneaks out at night to stop the bad guys.

TitanThe effort to create a diverse cast is commendable. Yes, the bar is very low in Hollywood, especially when it comes to genre properties, so even a little involvement in a show based on existing material can challenge the status quo. Beast Boy in the comics has always been completely white. casting the role to actor Ryan Potter, who is of Japanese descent, doesn't change anything major, but adds to a representation we barely have. Porter thrives in this role, even though he doesn't get to do much. This version of Gar Logan is the only one I can live with. He is a disgustingly sexist character in the comics. I'm worried about her making the jump to live action, but the gal is great on the show. Although the creators tried to push Gar and Rachel into a romance early in Season 1 — which is comic-accurate, but Croft was a minor at the time, which would have been gross and illegal — Gar is really the heart team's. He loves everyone with all his heart and makes friends with everyone. Even though Jason was an unruly bad boy in season two, Gal was on edge until his friend returned from Deathstroke's captivity. In season three, even after the team discovered that Jason had become the murderous villain Red Hood, Gar still believed that his friend could be redeemed. Gal was sadder last season when his new friend Connor Kent/Superboy (Joshua Opin) decided to accept the ways of his evil father Lex Luthor (Titus Willivers). Potter brings a lot of emotion to the character and that's what really made me love Gar.

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One of the earliest controversies surrounding the show was the casting of Anna Diop as Spark. Starfire is the orange alien in the comics and anyone can play her. But racists showed up to complain about a black actress taking the role. Diop isn't the first actress to deal with this problem — Candice Patton has battled racist vitriol for her portrayal of the quintessentially white character Iris West on The CWsudden attack.but hate can only take you so far. Diop has always been a starTitan?Her take on Kory Anders/Starfire is a far cry from the comic book character - Kory isn't a former Tamaran slave, she's a warrior searching for herself and her place on Earth. She is not Dick Grayson's overly sexy love interest, she is the main character of the story, the leader of the group and Dick's partner in crime. At will, Diop can transform from raging fighter to gentle caretaker in an instant. She was amazing in all four seasons, and if Warner Bros. they were smart, they just let a black woman play Spark in all future properties where the character appeared and let the haters drown in their words. And for anyone wondering, Diop was absolutely stunning at the show in outfits that made her look beautiful, glamorous and badass.

I wish Cory and Dick's romance had improved. The creators immediately rushed into the first season without creating tension between them. This is what happens in the comics - Cory falls into Dick's arms when they first meet and is in the comics because of his charm. But in the show, they deserve a slow romance to maintain the chemistry. The romance also fizzled in season two, disappearing in season three when Dick resumed his romance with Barbara Gordon/Oracle (Savannah Welch) before Dick and Cory reunited. Arm together. But the lack of romance helps Cory become a character in his own right.

Apart from the main characters, the producers took care of itTitanIt was equally capacious when it came to casting supporting and recurring actors. Slade Wilson, played by veteran Latino actor Esai Morales, adds unexpected passion and villainy. Slade's son, Joseph Wilson/Jericho, who appeared in season two, is a silent character, soTitanCast Chella Man, a deaf actor who can sign dialogue. The man is also a transgender and genderqueer actor, and his cast represents, if only in a few episodes, a community that is often dismissed and misrepresented in Hollywood.

When Barbara Gordon appeared on the show in season three, she was Gotham City's police chief, wheelchair-bound after being shot by the Joker. Savannah Welch in the roleTitan, is an amputee and disability activist, and while she's not a wheelchair user, she brings a level of passion, gravitas, and energy to the role that makes me wish she'd last longer. In the same season, we meet Tim Drake, who becomes the third Robin in the fourth season. Played by Jay Lycurgo, we now have a Robin who is no longer a white boy. Tim also challenges certain tropes of characterization of people of color, as he comes from a happy business family. Tim's origin story is similar to that of the comics, but the producers wisely skipped his established heterosexual relationship with Stephanie Brown and suggested a relationship with Bernard Fitz in season 4. Nice romance story with Martin (James Scully).

The show didn't last forever, and the characters and story were far from the comics, butTitanEngage with a bunch of exciting characters. Embracing the weird and wonderful world of the DC Comics adaptation, the cast battles power-hungry demons, assassins, psychotic geniuses, and sometimes each other. If you like comics and you like these characters,TitanIt's like meeting a doppelganger from another earth. The show is far from perfect, but it's an experience. a world you want to get lost in.TitanThe biggest flaw was that it only lasted four seasons.

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