FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE PREVIEW: Who should you pick from your GW1 roster? (2023)

to new fantasyFirst LeagueWith the season fast approaching, millions of managers around the world are gearing up and switching teams to find the perfect 15-man squad.

As the season begins, many coaches are looking to set a new personal best, compete in their office mini-league for bragging rights, and some simply cherish the dream of ending up with the coveted FPL crown.

Whether you're new to the FPL or a seasoned regular, it's important to keep up with the changes in the Premier League ahead of the new season and get a feel for the in-form players who are hoping to score points in their first few Premier League matches. game weeks.

As soon as, sports emailsBen Willcocks, who finished 2020-21 in 118th place overall, assessed the status quo ahead of the FPL's new campaign and listed some promising options to start the season.

Mohamed Salah (£13.0m) finished last season with 265 points as the highest scoring FPL player

season preview

The "third placeholder"

The expectation is that the 2022/23 season will be very different from previous seasons, mainly due to the World Cup in November.

Unlike before, the Premier League will stop at GW16 and resume six weeks later on Boxing Day.

As a result, managers can switch between GW16 and GW17 endlessly and reset their squads with fresh new features.

Star signing Erling Haaland (£11.5m) could compete with Salah's points return at Man City next season

Essentially, FPL bosses have given managers an extra wildcard this season that could drastically change the way players approach the game.

With the first wild card to be played before the World Cup break, the need for a long-term squad is less important this season.

To benefit from changes made to a wildcard, managers must activate the chip by GW12, which means at least four weeks of earnings before the GW16 break.

Furthermore, at the start of the season there are always a number of unknowns waiting to emerge beneath the surface.

Expensive early-season tie-in cars often require a lot of moves and scores to pull off, but the prospect of a low-risk starting wildcard could offer managers the perfect opportunity to reshuffle their roster already in GW4.

In previous years, millions of FPL managers were actively involved in the game in the first quarter of the season, but this often changed in December during the busy winter schedule, as deadlines quickly approached.

Gabriel Jesus (£8.0m) has impressed since joining Arsenal with seven pre-season goals

With the World Championship offering a respite from the FPL, casual managers are more likely to stick around longer this year, which should make for a more exciting and high-scoring season overall.

Blessed with an early wildcard on the bench, FPL managers would do well to prioritize short term games early in the season over long games.

Five Supplements Rule

Premier League managers can now make up to five substitutions in each top flight game, which is likely to change the FPL significantly in the future.

The bench in the FPL is only used when a player does not record a minute in a game.

With Premier League bosses expected to use more substitutes this season, automatic substitutions are likely to be less of a factor as players have more regular one-point appearances.

While it always pays to have a reliable bench option or two on hand for breakout scenarios, this season's managers should not spend their £100m budget on substitutes and instead prioritize throwing money at the first team.

Ederson (£5.5m) and many other premium goalkeepers are now much more affordable in the FPL


With twice as many points on offer, captaincy is one of the most important aspects of the FPL and one that seems to be overlooked by a number of players each season.

At £13.0m, Mohamed Salah may struggle to pay his price compared to other value picks, but as captain he and Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland and Son Heung-min are paying their due.

Reviewing the roster and deciding which player to award the bracelet to is an important part of the planning process.

On the one hand, managers don't want to spend unnecessary transfers to cut and change their premium assets. On the other hand, you definitely don't want to give up on a plum attack because of a lack of foresight.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about the captaincy five or six weeks before the start of the season. here is a listOne of the current best commander options between GW1 and GW6.

Harry Kane (£11.5m) and Son Heung-min (£12m) added 450 points last season


1. Mohamed Salah (Fulham is a Liverpool player)


2. Son Heung-min ou Harry Kane (Spurs vs. Southampton)

3. Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne (West Ham x Man City)


1. Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne

2. Mohamed Salah (aficionados do Liverpool Crystal Palace)

3. Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool x Crystal Palace)


1. Son Heung-min or Harry Kane (Spurs vs. Wolves)

2. Raheem Sterling ou Mason Mount (Leeds x Chelsea)

3. Gabriel Jesus - Bournemouth x Arsenal


1. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool e Bournemouth)

2. Son Heung-min ou Harry Kane (Nottingham Forest vs. Spurs)

3. Erling Haaland or Kevin De Bruyne (Man City x Crystal Palace)


1. Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne (Man City x Nottingham Forest)

2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool and Newcastle)

3. Raheem Sterling ou Mason Mount (Southampton x Chelsea)

Kevin De Bruyne (£12.0m) looks like an excellent choice to captain against Bournemouth in GW2

Selected by Sportsmail

Picking players from the top six clubs, or from midfield teams with strong games, is often the ideal way to attack early in the season.

While daring managers can benefit from risky picks, the best strategy is to use the tried and true FPL options and select reliable players from the top teams.

In this sense,sports mailcompiled a list of solid picks across all positions.


Ederson, Manchester City (£5.5m)

He received a £0.5 million price cut last season. Excellent cheap way to break into the Man City defence. Last season he kept 20 clean sheets with the champions.

GW1: Westham (A), GW2: Bournemouth (H), GW3: Newcastle (A)

Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal (5,0 Mio. £)

Great pre-season for Arsenal with three goals conceded. Strong savings potential demonstrated in the last year. Better for bonus points than other Arsenal defenders.

GW1: Kristallpalast (A), GW2: Leicester (H), GW3: Bournemouth (A)

Brighton's Robert Sanchez could be £4.5m goalkeepers' choice this season

Robert Sanchez, Brighton (£4.5m)

Solid and organized defense in Brighton. Run through clean sheets at a healthy pace. Not the hottest option, but certainly the most reliable option at £4.5m.

GW1: Manchester United (A), GW2: Newcastle (H), GW3: West Ham (A)

Danny Ward, Leicester (£4.0m)

Great banking option since Kasper Schmeichel's exit plans. He may emerge as the only goalkeeper to play for £4.0m. Brendan Rodgers' comments are worth following.

GW1: Brentford (H), GW2: Arsenal (A), GW3: Southampton (H)

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Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool (7,5 Mio. £)

Best selection of prizes in the game. 208 points last season. He has scored over 160 points over the last four seasons. He showed attacking talent against Man City on Saturday.

GW1: Fulham (A), GW2: Crystal Palace (H), GW3: ManUnited (A)

Joao Cancelo, Manchester City (£7.0m)

Reliable and explosive defender for Man City. 201 points last season. He played in 36 of 38 games last season. City also have no options on the left side.

GW1: Westham (A), GW2: Bournemouth (H), GW3: Newcastle (A)

Andrew Robertson, Liverpool (7,0 Mio. £)

Only slightly less attractive than Alexander-Arnold. 186 points last season. Unlike some Liverpool forwards, he is a reliable starter in every game. incredible value.

GW1: Fulham (A), GW2: Crystal Palace (H), GW3: ManUnited (A)

Reece James, Chelsea (£6.0m)

Very explosive when in shape. Chelsea were the third best defense in terms of goals conceded and goals conceded. Nine assists in 22 starts last season.

GW1: Everton (A), GW2: Spurs (H), GW3: Leeds (A)

Trent Alexander-Arnold offers goals, goals conceded and assists for his low £7.5m price tag

Ivan Perisic, Spurs (£5.5m)

Exceptional in Serie A. Eight goals and seven assists in defense last season. He will thrive in Antonio Conte's lateral system. Maybe a fitness issue.

GW1: Southampton (H), GW2: Chelsea (A), GW3: Lobos (H)

Gabriel Magalhães, Arsenal (5.0 Mio. £)

Impressive pre-season with Arsenal. Main defender in the Mikel Arteta system. Crystal Palace and Leicester struggled to save set-pieces last season.

GW1: Kristallpalast (A), GW2: Leicester (H), GW3: Bournemouth (A)

Kyle Walker, Manchester City (5,0 Mio. £)

Due to Man City's lack of full-backs, the season is ready to go. Little offensive danger, but good for conceding goals. Might be good value if he fights more.

GW1: Westham (A), GW2: Bournemouth (H), GW3: Newcastle (A)

Diogo Dalot, Manchester United (£4.5m)

Erik ten Hag's preferred right-back over Aaron Wan Bissaka. He showed many offensive threats in preparation. Man United will improve defensively, right?

GW1: Brighton (H), GW2: Brentford (A), GW3: Liverpool (H)

Jonny Otto (£4.5m) will start season for Wolves with Ruben Semedo injured

Lewis Dunk, Brighton (£4.5m)

Like Sánchez of a reliable and solid defense. He offers a lot of set-piece potential. Average of three goals per season since 2019/20 as a defender.

GW1: Manchester United (A), GW2: Newcastle (H), GW3: West Ham (A)

Jonny Otto, Wolves (£4.5m)

He will start the season at right-back in the absence of Rubén Semedo. Traditionally an attacking defender unless Bruno Lage switches to a 4-3-3. Fixed-point friendly racing.

GW1: Leeds (A), GW2: Fulham (H), GW3: Spurs (A)

Neco Williams, Nottingham Forest (4,0 Mio. £)

Set to start at full-back following his £18m move from Liverpool. The cheapest defender in the game and guaranteed starter. Perfect for the bank.

GW1: Newcastle (A), GW2: West Ham (H), GW3: Everton (A)

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (£13.0m)

The best FPL asset in the game, maybe ever. Fifth consecutive season with more than 230 points. Last season, he scored 23 goals and 14 assists. Still worth £13 million.

GW1: Fulham (A), GW2: Crystal Palace (H), GW3: ManUnited (A)

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City (£12.0m)

Possible alternative Salah. City's best player last season with two goals against Club América. He later played directly behind Erling Haaland on Saturday.

GW1: Westham (A), GW2: Bournemouth (H), GW3: Newcastle (A)

Son Heung-min, Spurs (£12.0 milhões)

Another possible alternative to Salah. Joint Golden Boot winner with 23 goals and 10 assists last season. His tally of 258 in 2021-22 was his highest FPL total.

GW1: Southampton (H), GW2: Chelsea (A), GW3: Lobos (H)

Bukayo Saka (£8.0m) winger will continue to rack up FPL points as Arsenal's talisman

Bukayo Saka, Arsenal (8.0 Mio. £)

Created as an Arsenal talisman last season. Secured starter, unlike other £8.0m midfielders. He played in Arsenal's final pre-season friendly.

GW1: Kristallpalast (A), GW2: Leicester (H), GW3: Bournemouth (A)

Mason Mount, Chelsea (8,0 Mio. £)

Under radar option. 11 goals and 11 assists last season and even better. He continued to impress in pre-season despite Chelsea's questionable form.

GW1: Everton (A), GW2: Spurs (H), GW3: Leeds (A)

Phil Foden, Manchester City (£8.0m)

Explosive goods with risk of launch. He played very well in the Community Shield after joining. It might be worth the risk with Bournemouth at home in GW2.

GW1: Westham (A), GW2: Bournemouth (H), GW3: Newcastle (A)

Luis Diaz, Liverpool (£8.0m)

Most matches will start with the injured Diogo Jota. He found himself in many goal-scoring positions against Man City. Four goals and three assists since January.

GW1: Fulham (A), GW2: Crystal Palace (H), GW3: ManUnited (A)

Gabriel Martinelli, Arsenal (£6.0m)

He should start with Emile Smith-Rowe, who has just returned from injury. He bonded very well with Gabriel Jesús and provided three assists against Sevilla.

GW1: Kristallpalast (A), GW2: Leicester (H), GW3: Bournemouth (A)

Leon Bailey (£5.0m) impressed with three goals and two assists in pre-season

Brenden Aaronson, Leeds (5,5 Mio. £)

There is still a small risk of playing in the Premier League, but he performed well in pre-season. Assuming the creative role of Raphinha. It could be worth £5.5 million.

GW1: Lobos (H), GW2: Southampton (A), GW3: Chelsea (H)

Pedro Neto, Wolfe (5.5 Mio. £)

Fully fit again after last season's injury. Five goals and eight assists in 2020-21. It remains to be seen how Raúl Jiménez's injury will affect Wolves and Neto.

GW1: Leeds (A), GW2: Fulham (H), GW3: Spurs (A)

Leon Bailey, Aston Villa (5,0 Mio. £)

Last season's star for Aston Villa with three goals and two assists. He is expected to feature in Villa's top three alongside Philippe Coutinho and Ollie Watkins.

GW1: Bournemouth (A), GW2: Everton (H), GW3: Kristallpalast (A)

(Video) Rate my fantasy football team from 1 to 10.(fantasy premier league)

Andreas Pereira, Fulham (4.5 Mio. £)

Destined to play as an attacking midfielder at Fulham after a spell at Manchester United. As cheap as possible in its position and expected to start. Perfect for the bank.

GW1: Liverpool (H), GW2: Lobos (A), GW3: Brentford (H)

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Harry Kane, Spurs (£11.5m)

It looked strong for Spurs under Conte in pre-season. Five goals and an assist in four friendlies. 192 points last season with 17 goals and 11 assists.

GW1: Southampton (H), GW2: Chelsea (A), GW3: Lobos (H)

Erling Haaland, Manchester City (11,5 Mio. £)

Manchester City's new star, leading the league as top scorer every year since 2017/18. He worked some great scoring positions on Saturday.

GW1: Westham (A), GW2: Bournemouth (H), GW3: Newcastle (A)

Darwin Núñez, Liverpool (£9.0m)

He showed his menace against Man City at the weekend and looked to be taking risks when he came on. It is still unclear whether it will start in GW1.

GW1: Fulham (A), GW2: Crystal Palace (H), GW3: ManUnited (A)

Liverpool's rising star Darwin Núñez (£9.0m) could very well be the bargain of the season

Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal (£8.0m)

Last season's in-form player with seven goals and an assist. Undervalued by £8.0m, therefore your shareholding exceeds 70%. Ready to score big points.

GW1: Kristallpalast (A), GW2: Leicester (H), GW3: Bournemouth (A)

Patrick Bamford (£7.5 million)

He remains Leeds captain and is now enjoying a full pre-season with Jesse Marsch. Big game plans early in the season that might be worth the risk.

GW1: Lobos (H), GW2: Southampton (A), GW3: Chelsea (H)

Callum Wilson (£7.5 million)

Eight goals in 16 starts last season. Very explosive when fit and had a full pre-season to develop his fitness. Mixed bag of jigs, but a great short term punt.

GW1: Nottingham Forest (H), GW2: Brighton (A), GW3: Manchester City (H)

Aleksandr Mitrovic (£6.5m)

Season record 43 league goals last season and this time with a more attacking coach in Marco Silva. Solid budget option.

GW1: Liverpool (H), GW2: Lobos (A), GW3: Brentford (H)

Record holder Aleksandr Mitrovic (£6.5m) scored 43 league goals last season

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