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The Low Speed ​​​​​​Engine division is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we develop two-stroke engines and propulsion packages under the MAN B&W brand, which dominates most of the marine market. The main activities in Copenhagen include administration, sales, research and development and technical communication.

Copenhagen is home to the Copenhagen Research Center (RCC), where two full-size engines allow us to test new types of engines, parts and future fuel systems such as ammonia. Together with RCC we have a factory that produces the most important spare parts and a PrimeServ Academy where customers and our own employees are trained in the best use of our technology.

Serving a wide variety of marine applications and segments, our engines are manufactured by a family of licensees now primarily based in Asia.
Low speed engines are the preferred and reliable choice as propulsion machinery for ocean-going merchant vessels such as bulk carriers, oil tankers, oil tankers and container ships.

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Future-proof solutions for the maritime energy transition

Our activities in Copenhagen demonstrate our commitment to developing zero-carbon fuel solutions and driving the global maritime climate agenda. Our focus is on developing future-proof technologies that are viable and relevant for decades to come. An example of this is the dual fuel conversion projects we have successfully implemented, allowing ship owners to modernize their fleet to run on LPG. We are also leaders in supplying engines that can run on future fuels such as ammonia. Meanwhile, our digital solutions enable our engines to run more efficiently and stay connected.

technological innovations


Whether you are supplying power to the grid or meeting a local demand, onshore or offshore, our engineers will deliver what you need, where and when you need it, ensuring your facility's availability, flexibility and profitability.

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The benefits of methanol

Capable of being handled and transported at normal temperatures and pressures, methanol has been used as a basic chemical in many industries for decades, meaning its storage, handling and properties are known and documented. In fact, toxicity and corrosiveness are the only problems preventing its use, for example, as a fuel in automobiles.

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Width in cm of the largest cylinder of the two-stroke engine


Weight in tons of the second engine at the Copenhagen research center

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Products and commercial activities in Copenhagen

MAN PrimeServ Academy Kopenhagen

Our newly renovated gym is located in the center of Copenhagen, next to our head office.

Our professionally trained instructors, who have extensive knowledge and experience of all two-stroke products, do everything to improve participants' skills and understanding of the latest engine technology.

The gym is equipped with a full-size 6S35MC motor, in which we carry out a full workout. The engine is equipped with used parts with different wear patterns in order to provide the most realistic training sessions possible.


OEM replacement parts for marine applications

From key wear parts to fuel and exhaust systems, our aftermarket parts, kits and services are designed to ensure reliable uptime. We keep your two and four-stroke engines, generator sets, propellers and turbochargers running at peak efficiency throughout their life cycle.



Promotion of cleaner maritime transport with container ships

MAN B&W container ships drive global trade.

Container ships have drastically reduced the cost of international trade and increased its volume, with far-reaching implications around the world.


bulk goods

Growth in world trade in cleaner bulk carriers

Modern bulk carriers have to adapt to new requirements: Bulk carriers dominate international waters and make up more than 40% of the entire currently operating global fleet. However, operators are faced with increasing demands for reliability, efficiency and low maintenance costs.



Cleaner tankers to transport your energy

Navigating valuable cargo in difficult waters

As some of the largest ships to sail the seas today, tankers face extremely harsh conditions when transporting a wide variety of cargo around the world. But those aren't the only challenges these massive ships face.


Career and training opportunities

MAN PrimeServ Academy Copenhagen More information

MAN Energy Solutions Dinamarca

Teglholmsgade 41,
2450 Copenhagen

t +4533851100

Senior Vice President, Head of Business Part Two, Country Manager: Bjarne Foldager Jensen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Chief Financial Officer - Tommy Andreasen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Head of PrimeServ Denmark - Michael Petersen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Production manager: Hans Ole Christensen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Head of Human Resources: Katrine Brusgaard Haldne

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

(Video) First Time In Copenhagen, Denmark

Head of Advertising and Customer Service: Thomas Storgaard Hansen

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen

Head of Maritime Communications - Nils Søholt

Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen


B&W signs an agreement with Rudolf Diesel for exclusive manufacturing rights to its engine design in Denmark


MAN acquires a B&W engine


Opening of the Copenhagen research center with a focus on the development of new engine technologies

History of the Copenhagen site

1843– H. Baumgarden founds the company and is managed by C.C. burmeister After Baumgarden retired1861, W. Wain came to Burmeister and founded B&W there in 1865.

1898– B&W signs a contract with Rudolf Diesel.

1911– The world’s first diesel-powered ocean liner,M/S Seeland, see entrega a EAC.

1933– B&W supplies the world's largest diesel engine to H.C. Ørstedværket, a power station in Copenhagen.

1952– B&W supplies the first two-stroke turbocharged diesel engine to Mærsk.

1971- B&W is split into two separate companies: B&W Shipyard and B&W Motor.

1980– A MAN buys a B&W engine.

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1992– Opening of the Copenhagen research center with a focus on the development of new engine technologies.

2000– The MC motor type is around 100,000. bhp on order or service.

2002– Introduction of the ME series of electronically controlled two-stroke diesel engines.

2011– MAN B&W presents the ME-GI petrol engine.

Copenhagen | Factory (1)

The hustle and bustle of the B&W manufacturing facility in central Copenhagen as it might have looked over a century ago.

Copenhagen | Factory (2)

B&W's steelworks in Copenhagen's Sydhavn district has made way for our headquarters in Denmark.

Our roots in Copenhagen go back to the mid-18th century, when Denmark was just beginning the industrial revolution.

From a humble workshop in central Copenhagen, B&W was born.

Named after founders Carl Christian Burmeister and William Wain, B&W has dabbled in various engineering fields and industries, even once building a bridge across the city's canals.

However, steam engines and shipbuilding turned out to be his specialty.

After meeting in 1898 with Dr. Rudolf Diesel in 1898 B&W received the exclusive rights to manufacture diesel engines in Denmark.

In the decades that followed, B&W continued to develop diesel technology and achieved a number of breakthroughs, including the successful launch of the Zealand, the world's first diesel-powered ocean liner.

The company became an industrial powerhouse and the largest employer in Denmark, but the economic challenges of the 1970s and 1980s forced the company to change course.

When the MAN Group acquired B&W Motor in 1980, activities shifted to research and development of B&W engine design and production of key engine components, as well as building new engines based on licensing agreements around the world.

Even today, the initials B&W are emblazoned on MAN's two-stroke engines, a testament to the foundation of quality and innovation that was present in Copenhagen from the start. And that allows us to stay at the forefront of the maritime energy transition.

Copenhagen | Factory (3)

A B&W employee monitors the production of a cylinder head.

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Why is Copenhagen famous? ›

What is Copenhagen famous for? Copenhagen is famous all over the world for its picturesque canals, delicious Danish cuisine, and ever-charming breweries. The city is also known for its magnificent palaces, impressive art galleries, jazz clubs, and Danish fashion.

What was Copenhagen's biggest industry? ›

For much of the 20th century, Copenhagen and its surrounding areas contained most of Denmark's manufacturing industry. By 2000, however, the city's economy was dominated by public and private services, trade, finance, and education.

Why is Nyhavn famous? ›

Nyhavn was constructed by King Christian V from 1670 to 1675, dug by Swedish prisoners of war from the Dano-Swedish War 1658–1660. It is a gateway from the sea to the old inner city at Kongens Nytorv (King's Square), where ships handled cargo and fishermens' catch. It was notorious for beer, sailors, and prostitution.

What is the famous shopping street in Copenhagen? ›

Strøget is Copenhagen's main shopping street and one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets with a wealth of shops, from budget-friendly chains to some of the world's most expensive brands.

What food is Copenhagen known for? ›

What food is Copenhagen famous for? Copenhagen is famous for its New Nordic Cuisine; however, traditional Danish dishes like Smørrebrød are popular too. Copenhagen is also famous for its sweet pastries and savory morning buns.

Do they speak English in Copenhagen? ›

Almost everyone in Copenhagen can speak English fluently. There are also plenty of French and German speakers in the city so if someone is visiting from France or Germany, they will be able to get help from the locals even if they don't know a word of Danish.

How is Denmark so rich? ›

Denmark supports a high standard of living—its per capita gross national product is among the highest in the world—with well-developed social services. The economy is based primarily on service industries, trade, and manufacturing; only a tiny percentage of the population is engaged in agriculture and fishing.

Is Denmark a rich or Poor Country? ›

Would you rather be rich in a poor country or poor in a rich one? Measuring how rich a country is not that easy (spoiler: it is not just about GDP).
RankCountryGDP-PPP ($)
14Taiwan Province of China68,730
142 more rows
Aug 1, 2022

What is Denmark famous for producing? ›

Denmark has large proven reserves of oil and natural gas in the North Sea with Esbjerg being the main city for the oil and gas industry. Denmark is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the EU.

What does Nyhavn mean in Danish? ›

Nyhavn means New Harbour, although it is far from new! It was constructed in the 1670s to provide access from the sea right into the new heart of Copenhagen, at Kongens Nytorv. It was never meant to be called Nyhavn, which was just its nickname during the construction.

Is København the same as Copenhagen? ›

Copenhagen (Danish: København) is the capital city of Denmark and forms the moderate conurbation that one million Danes call home.

Why is the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen famous? ›

Based on the 1837 fairy tale of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the small and unimposing statue is a Copenhagen icon and has been a major tourist attraction since its unveiling in 1913. In recent decades it has become a popular target for defacement by vandals and political activists.

What is the most famous food in Copenhagen? ›

The Danish 'open faced' sandwiches, smørrebrød, are perhaps the most famous of the Danish food classics. Smørrebrød is simply a slice of rye bread with various combinations of toppings such as pickled herring, roast beef and eggs topped with mayo and shrimps.

Is Copenhagen good for thrifting? ›

If you are a second-hand or vintage lover, you have come to the right place. Copenhagen is full of stores giving clothes and furniture a second life, ranging from thrift stores supporting charities to upscale stores focusing on high-end vintage pieces.

Is Copenhagen good for shopping? ›

Shopping in Copenhagen is a unique experience. The Danish fashion scene has become known for some of the most sought-after fashion brands around, that seem to create trends rather than imitate them, and often with extremely affordable price tags.

What is a typical breakfast in Denmark? ›

Typical Danish breakfast is bread (white or rye bread) with cream or soft cheese, sausage, cured cold meat or jam with coffee or tea. Among popular breakfast dishes are also cereals and porridge. One of the most interesting things and a very traditional Danish food you can eat in Copenhagen is øllebrød.

What time do Danish eat dinner? ›

The Danes like to dine in Denmark at 6:30pm, which may seem early in summer, but in the winter months it would feel like midnight.

What is the national drink of Denmark? ›

Gammel Dansk | Denmark

Although akvavit is their national drink, many in Denmark consider Gammel Dansk (Old Danish) to be representative of their country.

Can I survive in Denmark with English? ›

You can work, live and study in Denmark without learning Danish. I know a number of British, American and French people that have lived here years without learning the language. There are companies who use English as their first language, and a few who will allow you to work in a Danish speaking office without Danish.

Do you tip cab drivers in Copenhagen? ›

Tipping. In Copenhagen, tipping is not a tradition. If you receive extraordinary good service, you are welcome to reward it with a tip, but it is not expected. Service is normally included in the bill at restaurants, hotels and taxis.

Is the food good in Denmark? ›

Denmark is home to dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants, including Noma – one of the best restaurants in the world. The country is also celebrated for its coffee culture, craft beer, flaky pastries, and open-face sandwiches.

Does Denmark have free healthcare? ›

Yes, Denmark has free public healthcare for its citizens and residents. The healthcare system is regulated by the central government, although most services are provided by the five regions' local governments.

What is Denmark's biggest export? ›

Exports The top exports of Denmark are Packaged Medicaments ($14.5B), Pig Meat ($3.21B), Electric Generating Sets ($2.4B), Vaccines, blood, antisera, toxins and cultures ($1.73B), and Cheese ($1.71B), exporting mostly to Germany ($13.7B), United States ($11.3B), Sweden ($9.45B), Netherlands ($6.21B), and United Kingdom ...

Is Denmark affordable to live? ›

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is one of the most expensive cities in the world and ranked 11th out of 227 cities in Mercer's 2022 Cost of Living Survey. Life outside of Copenhagen is not quite as expensive, but is far from cheap.

What is the richest country in Europe? ›

Luxembourg is the wealthiest country in the European Union, per capita, and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living. It is a major center for large private banking, and its finance sector is the biggest contributor to its economy.

Why is poverty so low in Denmark? ›

Widespread access to welfare in the country stems from a systemically upheld belief that welfare is a right of the people and not a privilege as it is all paid for through taxes. The benefits received by those who are unable to properly support themselves or their children work to lower poverty in Denmark.

What should I buy from Denmark? ›

Copenhagen Shopping: 16 Distinctively Denmark Things to Buy
  • Royal Copenhagen Dinnerware. ...
  • Georg Jensen Jewelry. ...
  • Sømods Bolcher Bonbons. ...
  • Ole Henriksen Skin Products. ...
  • Kähler Ceramics. ...
  • PH Lamps. ...
  • LEGO Toys. ...
  • Hay Toys and Accessories.

What is Denmark's biggest brand? ›

In 2022, the Danish brand with the highest value was the family-owned toy manufacturer Lego (Lego Group or Lego A/S). Its brand value was estimated at 38.66 billion Danish kroner.

What are 3 major exports of Denmark? ›

What are the main Danish exports? The main Danish exports include foodstuffs, machinery, instruments, packaged medicaments, different types of machinery and others.

What is hello in Copenhagen? ›

1) Hej & Hej Hej

Saying 'hej' is the most common way to say hello in Copenhagen. Luckily, the pronunciation of the Danish greeting is exactly the same as the pronunciation of 'hi' in English.

What is the Danish word hygge? ›

Hygge is as Danish as æbleskiver and it goes far in illuminating the Danish soul. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Cosying up with a loved one for a movie – that's hygge, too.

What do the Danish call themselves? ›

The people of Denmark are called Danes. Things that are from Denmark are called Danish.

What does Copenhagen mean in Danish? ›

From English Copenhagen, the English name of the capital of Denmark, from Danish København (“Copenhagen”), from Old Danish Køpmannæhafn (“Copenhagen”), literally meaning "merchants' port", from Old Norse Kaupmannahǫfn (“Copenhagen”), with the same meaning.

Who is Copenhagen owned by? ›

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company is the leading producer and marketer of moist smokeless tobacco. The company's leading brands, Copenhagen and Skoal, each represent more than $1 billion in annual retail sales.

Is Copenhagen a Viking city? ›

# 750 – 1050 The Copenhagen region is a Viking area. The Viking seafarers travel to distant lands like Greenland, North Africa, the Caspian Sea and North America. Copenhagen was an important outpost from where the Vikings set out on their voyages in Europe and the rest of the world.

What famous statue sits in Copenhagen Harbor? ›

Unveiled on 23 August 1913, The Little Mermaid was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City of Copenhagen. The sculpture is made of bronze and granite and sits in the water at Langelinie Pier.

Is The Little Mermaid French or Italian? ›

The Little Mermaid action takes place under the sea, in the kingdom of Atlantica that is supposedly located in Denmark, where Hans Christian Andersen is from.

Is The Little Mermaid Danish or Italian? ›

"The Little Mermaid" (Danish: Den lille havfrue) is a literary fairy tale written by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The story follows the journey of a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea as a mermaid to gain a human soul.

What drink is Copenhagen known for? ›

Copenhagen cocktail combines Dutch genever (jenever) and Cherry Heering, the legendary cherry liqueur from Copenhagen. It also includes lime juice, simple syrup, and a dash of Angostura bitters. The ingredients are poured into a shaker filled with ice.

What do Danes drink? ›

Whisky (both Scotch and Bourbon inspired) is perhaps the most common product. Gin and vodka are also produced, as well as various flavored spirits and liqueurs. Heering Cherry Liqueur is - beer apart - one of the country's better known alcoholic beverages on export markets.

What is Denmark's signature food? ›

The "national dish of Denmark" is stegt flæsk - pieces of pork, fried until crisp, and then served with boiled potatoes and parsley sauce. Ironically, the tasty frosted pastries known to much of the world as "Danish" are not Danish at all.

Can foreigners buy in Denmark? ›

To be able to purchase property in Denmark you are required to have either a permanent residence in Denmark or have lived in Denmark for a consecutive period of five years. The permission is obtained from the Danish Ministry of Justice.

How much cash do I need in Copenhagen? ›

On average you can expect to spend €88-220 per person per day (roughly $94 to $235 USD) on a trip to the Danish capital if you are a budget or mid-range traveller. However, it is also possible to spend more or less depending on your travel preferences.

How much is a cup of coffee in Copenhagen? ›

2018 Price of Coffee Worldwide
10 more rows
Mar 21, 2019

Are shops closed on Sunday in Copenhagen? ›

In general, many shops in Copenhagen are closed on Sundays. But not department stores and many major retail stores. On Sundays, it's always advised to check the opening hours of your prefered shops. Opening hours vary, and department stores and supermarkets usually stay open longer.

Why is Copenhagen the happiest city in the world? ›

Denmark is a country with a high GDP per capita and a national health care system. In Copenhagen fifty percent of people ride a bike to work. These happy, healthy people volunteer regularly and have the highest percentage of voters during elections compared to any other democratic country in the world.

What is interesting about Copenhagen? ›

The Danish capital is often described as one of the most 'liveable' cities in the world and it is also one of the most visited. Its cobbled streets, 1,000 years of royal history and modern Nordic food movement make it a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers.

What is Denmark famous famous for? ›

Denmark is known for being Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace, for the Little Mermaid statue, and for being the Happiest Nation worldwide. However, there are much more to know about this small Scandinavian country that most foreigners haven't found out yet.

What is a typical Danish breakfast? ›

Typical Danish breakfast is bread (white or rye bread) with cream or soft cheese, sausage, cured cold meat or jam with coffee or tea. Among popular breakfast dishes are also cereals and porridge. One of the most interesting things and a very traditional Danish food you can eat in Copenhagen is øllebrød.

Why is Copenhagen so clean? ›

Denmark uses different teams of environmental experts, new technologies and a preventative approach to pollution. This has led to success in providing sanitation and clean water to its citizens.

Are Danish people healthy? ›

Most people in Denmark report being in good health (72% in 2015), which is a slightly higher percentage than the EU average (67%).

How can an American move to Denmark? ›

Americans can move to Denmark in one of three ways: as a student, worker, or companion of a Dane. Regardless of how you feel about the current political atmosphere, applying for asylum as a refugee, the other way non-EU citizens resettle in Denmark, is not an option for Americans.

What should I know before going to Copenhagen? ›

13 things to know before going to Copenhagen: get a local's perspective
  • Blend in by wearing Scandinavian designs. ...
  • The metro is the cheapest way to get from the airport. ...
  • You can see the best of Copenhagen in three days. ...
  • Copenhagen doesn't have to be super expensive. ...
  • Danes eat everything with a knife and fork.
Aug 27, 2022

Is Copenhagen a friendly city? ›

Copenhagen is a really unique city, and its happy, friendly people make any visit to Copenhagen very pleasant - even if it is during the frigid cold months.

What is typical Danish food? ›

Cabbage and root vegetables like beets were an important part of the diet, along with rye bread, fish, and pork. Open-faced sandwiches, known as smørrebrød, are among the best-known examples of traditional Danish cuisine.

What is Denmark rich for? ›

The fishing industry remains economically important, and Denmark is among the world's largest exporters of fish products. Herring, cod, and plaice (flatfish) account for most of the total catch; other important species include salmon and eel.

What is the most popular drink in Denmark? ›

Gammel Dansk | Denmark

Although akvavit is their national drink, many in Denmark consider Gammel Dansk (Old Danish) to be representative of their country.


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