Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what "prebiotics" are. (2023)

As StyleCaster's (unofficial) resident supplement geek, I like to think I stay on top of trends and releases in the wellness space. We've all heard the long list of health benefitsProbioticsrequired, butPrebioticsHe seems to be the latest rising star in the current debateblinded. what is the reasonPrebiotics vs. probiotics, However? According to a registered dietitian, author and bulletproof ambassadorJessica Cordin, "Prebiotics are indigestible fibers found in many plant foods, such as asparagus, bananas, chicory, garlic, leeks and onions (to name a few), which help stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract tube because they are fermented in the large intestine, it breaks down into short-chain fatty acids and provides energy to the cells lining the intestinal wall. Prebiotic fiber is, so to speak, food for the beneficial probiotics."

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Essentially, consuming prebiotics helps nourish the "good" good bacteria in our gastrointestinal system, improving digestion, improving brain-gut communication, and maintainingstrengthen the immune system, and can even help improve our mood and concentration. “We have a 'second brain' in our gut, the enteric nervous system, so when the health of our gastrointestinal system is intact, it helps promote clear gut-brain communication, which is great for our mental and emotional health. Important," Cording said.

As someone who has struggled with digestive and gastrointestinal issues since my teenage years, I can speak firsthand on how to incorporateProbiotics and prebioticsHonestly, not only have these issues improved, but so has my overall sense of well-being. Aside from my anecdotal assertions about the critical link between gut health and overall health (you'll often see this as"gut-brain axis"), Moreoverlarge number of clinical studiesExplain that the state of our gut plays a vital role not only in our gastrointestinal system, but also in our nervous system, brain, skin and even our hormones.

And as a big fanBulletproof's Brain Octane Oil, I was excited to hear that my favorite wellness brand was launching their own prebiotic supplement, but I still had some questions. So I went straight to the source (akaFounder and CEO of Bulletproof, "Father of Biohacking" Dave Asprey) to learn how prebiotics improve our health and how to get the most out of them by adding them to your current supplement rotation.

1. First, what is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

Your gut microbiome is made up of a variety of bacteria—both good and bad. Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that normally live in the gut. They help in the digestion of food,they produce vitaminsand destroy germs that would otherwise weaken you. Prebiotics help keep the bad guys out while serving as food for the good probiotics.

Think of prebiotics as fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut: They provide powerful nutrients to feed those bacteria, helping them multiply and making your gut biome more diverse. Prebiotics are also generally more potent than probioticsfood supplements.Many probiotics die when exposed to stomach acid or heat. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria already in the gut without being destroyed during digestion.

2. Can you explain what symbiotics are and how they work?

Synbiotics combine probiotics and prebiotics in one nutritional supplement. When you combine probiotics and prebiotics, you introduce specific strains of bacteria into your gut flora along with the food they need to thrive. It's a good idea in theory, but many beneficial strains don't survive long in capsules.

I've found it works best to feed the gut bacteria you want the right kind of prebiotic "food" and starve the ones you don't. For example, if you want less yeast, reduce the sugar and it will start to die. If you want more of the organisms found in the digestive system of skinny people, eat more vegetables and the right prebioticsfiberSo it can grow and crowd out the harmful strain.

Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

3. What are some of the most exciting benefits of prebiotic fiber supplementation?

Since prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your system, getting more of them can help you reap all the benefits of a balanced gut. Good gut health supports nutrient absorption, the immune system, and fat metabolism—plus, it just makes you feel better (and more regular).

4. Is there an ideal way to take a probiotic supplement to ensure proper absorption?

A good diet goes a long way in making your gut healthier, but eating lots of vegetables has its own challenges. This can be hard to do when you're traveling, transitioning to a better quality diet, eating fewer carbs, or tired of cooking the same vegetables over and over again.

Supplements can help a lot, but look for one that contains more prebiotics and won't make you bloated (or worse, give you disaster pants [Editor's note:She talks about diarrhea here]) and makes sure it's tasteless so you actually want to use it. We designed InnerFuel to have these benefits. Simply add 1-2 scoops of a supplement like InnerFuel to your Bulletproof coffee, smoothie or bone broth. Since it can be mixed into hot or cold liquids and has 0 net carbs, you can easily add it to your routine.

Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

5. How is Bulletproof's InnerFuel Prebiotic different from other prebiotics on the market?

InnerFuel was born out of the fact that it is difficult for people to get enough fiber, especially those who are low carb orketo diet, which can lead to a range of digestive problems with far-reaching effects. Fiber is often overlooked, but is essential for digestive health. The gut is now known as the second brain, and both are linked to the gut-brain axis, which affects everything from mood to hunger levels to sleep quality. Supporting your gut with the right type of fiber can have powerful effects on your body and brain.

I started taking acacia fiber supplements to support my digestive health while traveling and noticed some noticeable improvements. Through research and development, the Bulletproof team and I combined three clinically supported prebiotics to create InnerFuel: organic gum arabic, guar fiber, and larch arabinogalactan. Together, these three prebiotics support a diverse microbiome, which is essential for a strong gut. In addition to being effective, we've formulated this special blend to be so gentle that it won't cause the gas and discomfort you'll find with typical fiber supplements.

Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

6. What is your preferred way to consume InnerFuel?

I like to add InnerFuel to my Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Bulletproof coffee already has the right fats to make me feel energized and full, and when I add the right mix of prebiotics to my blender, I feel less hungry.

Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

InnerFuel Bulletproof Prebiotic Powder

While I add InnerFuel to smoothies, I find it best added to my morning coffee to keep me full and help me focus. Unlike other powders, it dissolves instantly and doesn't change the taste or texture of my coffee.

Bulletproof InnerFuel Prebiotics

39,59 USD

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Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

bulletproof coffee powder

My favorite wake-up coffee (and add my InnerFuel powder).

Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

Cosaki all-in-one powder supplement

This matcha infused powder makes any smoothie delicious. Believe me. Besides being rich in prebiotic fiber, it's packed with beauty ingredients like biotin, collagen and hyaluronic acid to make skin glow from within.

Cosaki all-in-one powder supplement

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Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

Prebiotics Prebiotics powder supplements

This "full spectrum" prebiotic powder also mixes easily with your smoothie, coffee or even water. It's classified as "full-spectrum" because it contains two powerful strains of prebiotic fiber: inulin, which helps transport good bacteria to the left side of the colon, and fructooligosaccharides, which transport good bacteria to the right side of the colon.

prebiotic prebiotic powder

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Bulletproof's Dave Asprey explains what

Tobias PreforPro Ultimate Prebiotic Supplement

Perfect for travel or staying at your desk when messy powder isn't a practical option.

Δρ Tobias Prebiotic

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