6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (2023)

Cross-selling can help you maximize each customer's earning potential. You see, shoppers don't always find all the products they might be interested in.

Even if while browsing they see a lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly, they may have forgotten about it when they added it to their cart. Or, if they decide not to in the first place, a cross-selling campaign can prompt them to reconsider.

Whether offering discounts and promotions on complementary or related products or convenient (and cost-effective) assortments, cross-selling strategies can drive higher average order value (AOV) and increase customer satisfaction.

If you want to increase your e-commerce sales this year, learn how to effectively cross-sell online with best practices and examples from leading brands. Then create cross-selling campaigns using customizable templates.

What is cross selling?

cross sellingIt is a sales technique that involves promoting items related to a product that a customer has expressed interest in. When successful, cross-selling helps customers find other products that improve the customer experience while increasing sales revenue for your e-commerce business.

Cross-selling is often associated withadditional salesBut they are different strategies. Cross-selling promotes products similar to what the customer is thinking about – such as recommending camera lenses.

additional sales, on the other hand, promotes a similar, more expensive product, such as an upgraded camera with more features, than the product the customer expressed interest in.

You need to cross-sell and up-sell different products at different times to maximize growth opportunities.

Best practices for krydssalg

The purpose of cross-selling is to add value to the customer experience, not just to increase the selling price. Consider these best practices for creating a successful cross-selling strategy:

  • Identify relevant products.Whether it's a complementary product or a complementary service such as purchase protection, think about what your customers have already purchased together or have purchased together.
  • Watch out for the price.The sales pitch for the cross-sell will affect whether the customer will take advantage of the offer. The ideal price point for cross-selling depends on your product catalog and price range. For low-cost items like cosmetics, you can often sell products for the same price. But for big-ticket items like electronics, it's usually best to offer one item at 10-50% of the price of the first item.
  • Customize your suggestions. almost half of the tradersindicated that they would return to the store after personal experience. This can be achieved by considering all customer data when cross-selling products. Recommend products that complement what the customer has already purchased, left a positive review, or left in their cart, and skip recommending any product they've previously purchased, unless it's a consumer product.
  • Experiment with different formats.From the Product Detail Page (PDP) toshopping cart popupand post-purchase email flows, test different placements to show upsell offers to determine when your target audience is most likely to shop.
  • Try product packaging. product packageA cross-selling strategy is selling a group of products at a discounted price. This type of discount can encourage people to buy related products right away, rather than waiting and risking the shopper not coming back for another purchase.
  • Incentivize purchases with minimum shipping limits.Increase your average order value with cart cross-sell promotions that offer free shipping if customers reach a minimum cart value. You can even enhance the experience with a cart progress bar that shows customers how close they are to free shipping. Then recommend products based on what's in their shopping cart to help them achieve that goal.

Consider these success stories as you begin to develop a cross-selling strategy for your e-commerce business.

1. Chubbies krydssalg pop-up

Chubbies is a popular menswear brand with casual shorts, swimwear and t-shirts.

Adding Classic Swimwear to cart displays a pop-up in the middle of the screen with suggested products:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (1)

The central focus of the Chubbies popup requires attention.

The pop-up window offers up to ten additional products for each item added to cart for customers to scroll through. Quick add buttons allow customers to easily add items to their cart without visiting the product page first.

2. True Classics Thank You Page Cross Sell

Just because a shopper completed a purchase doesn't necessarily mean they spent what they were willing to spend. Some brands have found success with cross-selling after the sale on their thank you pages.

Clothing company True Classic offers customers a limited time offer right after purchase on their thank you page:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (2)

In this case, customers get 50% off a three-pack of boxer briefs. The timer gives them five minutes to take advantage of the offer. With a single click, the bright blue button adds the boxer briefs to the shopper's order.

The beauty of this approach is that you don't risk losing a sale by giving customers another option. You have received payment for their order. There is no friction in going through the checkout again.

3. Cross-selling on a cart from Kosa

Makeup brand Kosas uses a meter to visualize how close customers are to earning free shipping in their cart.

It then recommends a list of products to help customers reach their free shipping limit:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (3)

In this example, the shopper has concealer in their cart and can get free shipping on an additional $10. So Kosas recommends a $14 makeup sponge that goes well with concealer.

After the free shipping limit is reached, Kosas updates the meter and if customers pass the extra limit, it offers a new reward - a free gift:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (4)

Makeup brands recommend new products accordingly.

Updating your visualizer with new offers after you get free shipping is a smart strategy. If you display all offers at once, all but the next offer may appear out of reach. So when customers reach the first threshold, they may have decided to stop there.

But if you show offers one at a time, each offer will cost customers a little more than they currently intend to spend. This makes it easier to increase the value of the order.

4. Boll & Branch Bedding Set

Boll & Branch is an organic bedding brand that cross-sells using bundles:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (5)

Bunters combine products that customers might want to buy together anyway. As a result, they get more value from your product and reduce the number of decisions they have to make.

This cross-selling option is for brand bedding. Through this cross-selling, customers can put together their own bundles in just a few clicks and save on bedroom essentials.

5. BlenderBottle Product Page

BlenderBottle, creators of the best-selling shaker bottles, have mastered the art of cross-selling.

On the product page for one of the bottles, the brand has a "Buy it with" tag below itAdd to cart button:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (6)

Placing this cross-sell option above the divide can make customers more likely to see available products before checkout.

Perks – straws and bottle brushes – are obvious choices that improve customers' use of the bottle.

6. Heroine Sport order confirmation email

Email is another great channel to let customers know about products they might like. That way, you can target them post-purchase to increase lifetime value (LTV).

Activewear brand Heroine Sport includes a "You May Also Like" section in their order confirmation emails:

6 cross-selling examples you can use to increase LTV (7)

In this case, the brand recommends a product belonging to the same series as the purchased product. This includes the option for customers to complete their set or purchase the same product in a different color – both options available to customers when cross-selling.

Customers can then click on the product to learn more and add it to their cart.

What can further improve this experience? a dedicatedproduct landing pageFrom emails to a collection of SKUs that customers might like - something of a personality showroom. This is a great way to help customers discover new products and simplify the path to purchase.

Cross-selling is a big part of itEcommerce conversion funnel.Help customers discover new products and improve AOV, LTV and customer satisfaction.

Get inspired to start your owncross-selling campaign? Use ConvertFlow's no-code, drag-and-drop builder to easily create cross-selling popups, landing pages, embeds, and more.

Just choose from our libraryrole model. Then adapt to your brand and product.

Here are some templates to get you started:

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