21 Favorite Bob Dylan Songs to Play at Your Wedding (2023)

Yes, 'Wedding Song' is on the list.

untilLOVE SONGOn Bob Dylan's wedding day, the choice is yours. The legendary singer-songwriter began his six-year career in the 1960s with more than 600 songs and 39 studio albums. Additionally, throughout his career, the icon covered genres such as folk, rock, gospel, country, jazz, blues and traditional pop. That means there's a song for every couple, no matter what your taste.

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Read on to discover Dylan's 21 best tracks to celebrate a love as lasting as your big day. For your first dance, family dance, reception and more, youzonethedisc playerWe'll be happy to give these classic songs a modern twist.

"make you feel my love"time of absence

Lyrics you will love:"I can make you happy, make your dreams come true / Things I wouldn't do / go to the ends of the earth for you / make you feel my love"

Read more of these 70s wedding songs are so funky

You may have heard Adele's cover of "Make You Feel My Love," but you know that the song was written by Bob Dylan and first recorded on his 1997 album.time of absence? The ballad and its beautiful lyrics - which describe the narrator's enormous efforts for their love - are timelessfirst danceability.

"Wedding Song"planetary wave

Lyrics you will love:"You breathed me and enriched my life/When I was deep in poverty, you taught me to give/You dried the tears of my dreams and pulled me out of the hole/I'm stronger than ever I love you more, my soul burns"

When it comes to Dylan's 1974 "Wedding Song," we don't need much explanationplanetary wave.in the appropriate denominationhe sang the rock, the artist sings about the limitless power of his love for his partner. Here's another great first dance contestant.

"Until I Love You"time of absence

Lyrics you will love:"I've been hit so hard I've seen too much/Nothing heals me now but your touch/I just don't know what to do/I'm fine until I fall in love with you"

also intime of absence, "Til I Fell in Love With You" is a blues jam that will get you rocking. This is great for couples looking for romance and fun for their first dance. It can also help you set the soundtrackcocktail hour.

"My only love,"in three copies

Lyrics you will love:"With such longing you fill my longing / Every kiss you give me sets my soul on fire / I dedicate myself to a sweet tradition / My only love"

Dylan covered it on his 2017 album,in three copies, "My One and Only Love" dates back to 1952. (Other notable covers include Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Sting, Paul McCartney and more.) As a first dance number or cocktail party song, it'll get you your guests are nostalgic for decades earlier.

"Forever Young - Slow Version"planetary wave

Lyrics you will love:"May God bless you forever / May all your wishes come true / May you always do for others / Let others do for you / May you build the ladder to the stars / And climb each rung / Always be young"

planetary waves""Forever Young" is the perfect choice for any parent-child dance variation, especially if your parents are Bob Dylan fans themselves. The song is inspired by Dylan's own son and the lyrics will bring tears to the eyes of everyone in attendance.

"Port",blood on the tracks

Lyrics you will love:"Suddenly I turned and she stood there/Silver bracelets on her wrists, flowers in her hair/She came gracefully and took off my crown of thorns/Come in she said/I'll ​​shelter you from the storm"

1975's "Shelter from the Storm" has nearly 78 million streams on Spotify, a testament to its longevity. The song progresses like a story and always comes back to its main message – a struggling narrator whose partner always offers him shelter from the "storms" of life. It can give a wonderful, informal performance of a first dance number.

"Lie down, lady, lie down"nashville skyline

Lyrics you will love:"Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man / Why wait for the world to begin / You can have your cake and eat it / Why wait for the one you love / When he's standing in front of you"

"Lay, Lady, Lay" entered the world on Dylan's 1969 album,nashville skyline.his lonelywritten for Barbra Streisand, the highest in seventh placeadvertising signHot 100. It might not be hard to imagine yourself and your new wife happily dancing to this mid-tempo love song, maybe even your first dance.

"I've decided to commit to you"hard and rough way

Lyrics you will love:"If I had the wings of a snowy dove/I'd preach the gospel, the gospel of love/Love so true, love so true/I decided to give myself to you"

On Dylan's final studio album of 2020hard and rough way, is "I've decided to commit to you." The sweet, gentle ballad about the narrator's love for the song's subject is irresistible. Play it at your first dance and you'll amp up the romance on your big day.

"The Man in My Heart"new morning

Lyrics you will love:"But oh what a feeling / Just knowing you're near / Makes my heart beat / From my toes to my ears"

"The Man in Me" is Dylan's 10th songnew morningalbum, released in 1970. This upbeat, happy and tender song is an easy first dance for newlyweds.

"Love Minus Zero/No Limits - Take 2, Acoustic"The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, bind 12 (Deluxe Edition)

Lyrics you will love:"My love, she speaks like silence / She has no ideals or violence / She doesn't have to say, she's loyal / But she's true, like ice, like fire"

The 1965 acoustic version of "Love Minus Zero" contained poetic lyrics about love, enhanced by the sound of guitar and harmonica. Use this song for your first dance or cocktail party and let everyone in attendance hear the sounds of a bygone era.

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"rain barrel",blood on the tracks

Lyrics you will love:"I love your smile/Your fingers/I love the way you move your hips/I love the way you look at me cool/Everything about you gives me pain"

blood on the tracksThe final track, "Buckets of Rain", is a tune where Dylan sings about his love and commitment. The simplicity of the song is what makes it such a delight, and it would make another great first dance choice.

"Spanish Leather Boots",times they change

Lyrics you will love:"Ah, but if I had the stars of the darkest night/Diamonds of the deepest sea/I'd give them up for your sweet kisses/For that's all I'd like to have"

"Spanish Leather Boots", 1964The seasons change,is a very beautiful ballad – unlike some of the simpler lyrics in Dylan's love songs, the lyrics here are more complex. The song doesn't end happily, but its amazing melody combined with the songwriter's impeccable narration makes it a contender for the first dance number.

"She Belongs to Me"take it all home

Lyrics you will love:"He's got everything he needs, he's an artist / He never looks back / He can take away the darkness of the night / Paint the day black"

"She Belongs to Me" is a brilliant Bob Dylan song because the lyrics emphasize a woman in her own right - while subtly acknowledging that she is his partner in the song's title. The gesture is touching and clever, and the song itself is perfect for a cocktail party or reception.

"Knocking on Heaven's Door,"Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (soundtrack)

Lyrics you will love:"Mama, take this badge off me / I can't wear it anymore / It's getting dark, too dark to see / I feel like I'm knocking on heaven's door"

Released in the 1970s, "Knocking on Heaven's Door" became an instant worldwide hit and has remained so. No, it's not a love song. butAndAn iconic song that will surely be sung by all your wedding guests at your reception or in honor of a loved one.

"like a pebble"Route 61 Reconsidered

Lyrics you will love:"How do you feel, oh how do you feel? / Alone without direction at home / Like a complete stranger, like a rolling stone"

Another worldwide hit (this one from Dylan's 1965 album,Route 61 Reconsidered), "Like a Rolling Stone" 在advertising signHot 100 and was named the greatest song of all timeΟι Rolling Stones.With accolades like this, this song should be a must for your big playlist. After a few cocktails at your reception, guests young and old will likely be belting out the lyrics.

"Girl from the North"This bob dylan freewheel

Lyrics you will love:"So if you travel to the country fairs in the north / It's very windy on the border / Remember who I live there / Because she was once my true love"

Listening to the nice folk song "Northern Girl",bob dylan freewheel, you want your own feelings. The song resonated with a wide audience for decades, and Dylan re-recorded it as a duet with Johnny Cash six years after it was first released in 1963. For Dylan fanatics, this classic song can be awe-inspiring - an inspirational first dance.

"I want you,"blond

Lyrics you will love:"I want you, I want you / I want you so much / I want you baby"

From Dylan's seventh studio album,blond, "I Want You" has a faster tempo than most others on this list. This horny single would be a great addition to the playlist for many big moments like your free time, cocktail hours and receptions.

"Alone With You"nashville skyline

Lyrics you will love:"I'll always thank God / When my day's work is done / I get a sweet reward / To be alone with you"

Dylan's third numbernashville skylineThe album "To Be Alone with You" is an upbeat country rock love song. It might be a little too fast for a first dance, but this lively number is perfect for your cocktail party or reception playlist.

"I'll be here with you tonight"nashville skyline

Lyrics you will love:"Throw my ticket out the window / Throw my suitcase / Throw my worries out the door / I don't need them anymore / Cause I'm staying with you tonight"

another rockabilly love song fromnashville skyline, which is a bit slower, "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" can be added to the list of possible first dance songs. Released in October 1969, the song became the third single from Dylan's album and reached number 50 in the charts.advertising signHot 100.

"If It Wasn't For You"new morning

Lyrics you will love:"If it wasn't for you my sky would fall/And the rain would gather/Without your love I'd be nowhere/If it weren't for you I'd be lost"

The second and final time we mention Dylannew morningThe album is "If Not for You". The song's upbeat tone and endearing lyrics make it the perfect choice for your wedding day, whether it's your first dance, exit dance, entrance dance, reception or send-off dance.

"He's so funny"Fraternity - Wedding Song Reimagined

Lyrics you will love:"I've got nothing to see / I've got nothing to see / I'm glad to be alive / Lucky / I got a man who's crazy about me / He's funny like that"

The last song in our collection is both old and new. In 2018, Dylan collaborated with various artists on the EPFraternity - Wedding Song Reimagined, incorporating six classic love songs into same-sex tunes. Dylan covered the song "She's Funny That Way" from 1929, changing the pronoun from "she" to "he". For same-sex male couples who appreciate the elderly, this is a great and modern choice.

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